The little serendipity rainbow

That little rainbow

showed up

the morning before

Medicane [Ianos] visited,

sometime ago.

Somehow it felt like

a reassurance that we’ll be fine.

[and we were… ]

…If only it’d appeared in other places too.

We are now expecting Kirki…

a lighter storm front.

I hope the little rainbow visits again.


October 27, 1782

Niccolò Paganini

the Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer

was born in in Genoa, then capital of the Republic of Genoa

So we hear


performed by
Joshua Bell, violin
Samuel Sanders, piano


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  1. …. and i did enjoy the little rainbow and the music.
    Perfect together!

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  2. How lovely, Marina, and the music is absolutely beautiful, too. I’m glad the storm wasn’t bad, but I hope you get to see another little rainbow someday. There’s truly something hopeful and magical about them. Sending hugs. xoxoxoxox🌦🌝☀🌈

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  3. How lovely that you saw it! I hope another one appears for you with the next storm front (we’ve got the remnants of storm Epsilon coming in tomorrow and Friday – maybe we’ll see a little rainbow, too). 🙂 xx

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  4. Interesting how you captured a segment along with surrounding dark clouds. Very unique indeed. Could you see other portions of the rainbow?

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    • It was, wasn’t it?!! 🙏😘
      I think we’re only getting heavy rain, which is nice. I just hope people who were heavily affected by the last one, a month ago, don’t get too much of it…


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