MAD about Lovely Missile’s Garden [reblog]

Tim sings “Lovely Missile’s Garden” inspired by a sketch my father drew many years ago. I am very proud to reblog it here with a note from my father who loved it [too!] and was also happy that Tim remembers. Memories are our teachers.

We both love everything about this post: Lyrics, song, the history, the very relevant and brilliant photo, the kindness but most of all, Tim!

Please visit Tim to read and listen.
Thank you, Tim!

Off Center & Not Even

No comment… #9 by Anakreon Kanavakis.

Lovely Missile’s Garden

Inspired by No Comment… #9 by Anakreon Kanavakis above. Lyrics by Timothy Price. Music by The Beatles.

The above sketch by Anakreon Kanavakis brought back memories of growing up during the Cold War when Mr. Kanavakis drew this sketch. The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was all the rage for waging a Cold War. MAD is the theory of deterrence based on the idea that if enemies have equal abilities to annihilate each other, the equilibrium will deter said enemies from launching nuclear strikes against one or the other. The proliferation of bombs and missiles was a constant source of fear and concern during the Cold War which Mr. Kanavakis illustrates so well in his sketch.

Keep in mind that Athens, Greece, where Mr. Kanavakis worked for newspapers, is much closer to Russia than the United State. I will dare…

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  1. I really like the sketch and because of its link to the past and your father it makes it even more interesting I think. Have a super Tuesday my friend, and thank you for visiting my space, it all seems rather new in WordPress these days but then that’s my fault for staying away too long.


    • Ah, thank you, my friend! I agree and I love what Tim did!
      Don’t worry, it’ll come back to you. There have been some not so good changes with the dashboard.

      • It all seems strange to me at the moment, but I am pleased that I’m back, and posting again. I think more variety is needed on my Space now, so I will attempt to make my return a more interesting read or viewing for my friends. Thank you again for welcoming me back x

  2. Dear Marina,
    great idea and well done by your father.
    Thanks for sharing 🙏 🙏
    Have a happy week
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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