Wall Fluff

Exactly that: Wall fluff!
On one of my walks my eye caught something ‘strange’ on a wall of a building I pass by every day. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before. At least not that fluffy and cottony!
I suppose it’s some kind of fungus but hey little fluffs, you work fast and I can’t resist taking pictures of you!
I do hope they’ll forgive my intrusion and artistic modifications!
Aren’t they gorgeous?
Please say ‘yes’, I wouldn’t want them to hold a grudge and turn green on me!
Say cheese, little fluffies!
Oh, look how fluffy you are!
Melon tinted fluffies…
And one more…
Sad to leave you but I know you have work to do!

A lovely -rest of- Thursday everyone!

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  1. I have some stuff in my freezer with similar “formations.” I scraped some off once, and it said “Use before the end of the Paleolithic period.” Oops… 😬💦

    • No no no…. you should leave them alone! Such lovely entities deserve to grow as they please!!!!! How about some ambrosia though? 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨

  2. OMG! The fluff looks like Johnny’s fur. (Get out the lint roller!)
    Seriously beautiful shots, Marina.
    Definitely a fluffy part of Earth Nerve Net, I think. Ask Hera what she thinks!

    • A ha ha haaaaaaa………
      You think Johnny visited Athens without you knowing?!!!!!!
      Thank you, my sweet friend. I just fell in love with that fluff! I was lucky too because the owners saw it a day after I photographed it and scraped it off. I was kind of sad seeing it… poor fluff…
      Hera loves all nature, so I know she’d love this. I can imagine her with a bit of fluff on her nose! 😉

      • All Hera has to do is give Johnny a nestle. She’ll have all the fluff she’ll ever needs!
        No, Johnny has been here all along. I believe what happened is; A bunch of Johnny’s fur tumbleweeds, tumbled in the wind, onto a ship and over to Greece. Then they tumbled over to that wall.
        I can’t prove it, but it’s the most reasonable answer! 😀

  3. This stuff is known as an efflorescence. It consists of minerals (like gypsum, for example). Moisture in the walls dissolves the minerals and they recrystallize on the surface when the water evaporates. The basic problem is that the wall is somehow getting wet. Maybe there is a broken tube somewhere or rain is entering. In any case, they look beautiful.

  4. This isn’t like anything I’ve ever encountered, but now I will be on the search! Your artistic nature comes out even in wall fluff. 🙂

  5. Reminds me of a trip we took with another couple to California many years ago. At one winery, the guide took us into a wine cave/ Interestingly, the walls were covered with fur . actually mold. A sight I will never forget.

    • Between cracks on the paint of the wall and not a deserted house wall! I see it every day! It wasn’t there before! I’m guessing it’s from the rains we’ve had this year. Lots of them! 🙂

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