late July…

I think I heard somewhere: “never plan ahead”…
This was going to be a follow up post to RUBY SEVEN
Alas! Life had other plans!
July has been [still is] an overwhelmingly eventful month.
I’ll stick to the joyful part in the form of the following tiled mosaic of photos.
A new member in our family:
Hera  [Ηρα]
A 2yr old rescue pitbull/staffie, adopted from a shelter [Pitbull-Rescue].
All I’ll say is, we are ever grateful to these people who rescued her [γιωτα μπρακουματσουDread DillaGiwrgos Kolionasios Pitbull Rescue] and for bringing instant joy to our lives.
In the photo gallery below, Hera is surrounded by various products with my ‘Ruby Seven’ illustration. Today Free Shipping is offered, worldwide, at my art shop. Check it out here: Marina@Society6


Happy Sunday and last day of July everyone!


Hopefully, August illustration will be on time…  😉

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    • I can tell you that she seems very interested in learning painting techniques. I’m pretty sure she’ll become a great painter! For now, she is a great inspiration! [don’t you just love those pointy ears?!!!! 😉 ]

  1. What a beautiful dog Hera is …. the colors she showcases are very attractive. Warm tones that probably represent the personality of Hera. She looks like a great dane or greyhound too. Is it a mixed breed? Or is it unknown to the rescuers? So sad, when people don’t take care of their animals. You are kindhearted to have made her a member of your heart love.
    Yes, time has an odd way of grasping us and leaving us wishing for more. There never seems to be enough. Have a wonderful August …. 😍♥️😎

    • Hera thanks you for your kind words! She is indeed a warmhearted character and our love for her is growing by the minute! They said she’s a staffy-pitbull mix, but I see the greyhound and great dane you mention. There’s no way of knowing exactly unless we do a dna test. What she is really, is Hera, our loving companion and we’re ever so happy for that! 😉 Wishing you too a lovely ending to this summer month. Hugs and xxxxxxx 🙂

  2. Just returned from a 1-week vacation, and you are my first stop … and cheers to Hera … and I’m sure your touch will lead to a future princess. Congratulations!

  3. Hera is a beautiful babe 😉 I feel your same feelings, my dearest Marina…
    It is just great to hear such news, in a world full of terrible acts going on…
    Good that people like you and Oannes are among us… WE may change the world, I am pretty sure of that, even if it will take few more lives. Hugs and kisses :-)c

    • I know how much you can relate to this and the same goes to you too and your lovely family, my dear Claudine. Small acts of kindness mean so much – if only more people understood that…
      Sending you love and many hugs! 🙂 xxxxx

    • Amazingly – eventhough getting a doggy means responsibilities, she IS actually making our days more relaxed. Thank you, my sweet friend. Wishing you a wonderful August! 🙂 xxxx

  4. Woooow, the summer has come up with surprises 🙂 congratulations Marina, Hera is a lovely dog, with intelligent eyes … always attentive.
    He has a new life and you have a new and loyal friend, both have good luck !!!
    A big hug for you and a caress for Hera 🙂

    • You are so very right!!! Intelligent and attentive eyes! She’s always staring at us to check as if to say “all okay? – can I do something for you? would you like to play?” etc
      I can’t tell you how happy we are with her!
      Thank you for the good wishes and Hera thanks you for your caress – sends a lick back! 🙂 Hugs to you! 🙂 xx

  5. Good on you for your adoption. You are better for it. We just adopted our seventh dog. Cocker and Poodles.They all get along well. But, are you sure that’s a full bred Pittie? She looks a lot leaner in her body and face than the ones our friends have.

    • Hi Ray! Seventh!!!! Good to hear they all get along. We’re trying to socialize her as she’s a little bit ‘clumsy’ with other dogies! Vet says she’s a pitbull mix probably pitbull/staffordshire, but we can’t really know. Whoever had her, trained her -my guess is for dog fighting- but was disappointed in her ‘performance’ and threw her out and it’s likely she’d been wondering in the streets for 2+ years. She was half dead when she was rescued.
      Happy now -as are we!!!! 🙂

      • Hi. They not only get along, but the train each other and police themselves. They like being good dogs and having the run of the house. No newcomer is going to ruin that for them.:) One of the poodles was rescued from a breeder. He was 6 years old when he came to us. Until the fosters worked with him, he had never been touched by human hands in kindness. After two years with us, he is a very happy boy.

  6. Hera is beautiful and so cute. She’s so lucky to be the new addtion to the family. And your paintings and clothing line are fabulous and genius. 🙂

    P.S I tracked the book and it says this: Your item departed a transfer airport in Athinai, Athens, GREECE on July 30, 2016 at 11:46 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    You should be getting it really soon. I can’t wait for you to hold the book in your hands and read it. 🙂 It’s almost there. 🙂

  7. Hera is so lucky, and so are you! I am amazing happy for your family & your new addition. Much love and many hugs! xxxxxxxxxx

  8. She is beautiful Marina.. and I am so thrilled you have adopted another dog into your life.. Hera Looks contented in her new home.. 🙂 Love and Hugs to you Marina.. xxx Hugs Sue xxx

    • Thank you so much, my dearest Sue! She’s a joy to live with and I hope she will be at least as happy to be with us. From day 1 she’s been so joyful and always eager to please, we’re having a very hard time to wipe the smile off our face! Ridiculous really, but true! 😉 Many hugs and love to you! 🙂 xxxxxx

      • I am so pleased for you.. I know she will never fill the whole space that was left.. But she will have a good attempt at trying to.. 🙂 and by the sounds of it, she has brought her own healing magic back into your lives.. xxx Love and warm hugs dear Marina.. Enjoy a wonderful week my friend xxx

        • She’s teaching me that our ability to love is limitless, therefore she is not filling an empty space but creating another space of her own! After all the ’empty space’ will always be occupied even if it’s in spirit! 😉 Hera is a remarkable being and has indeed brought healing magic into our lives. Thank you, my sweet friend. You too enjoy a beautiful week [and by now, weekend too!] 🙂 love and xxxxxxxxx

          • What a wonderful way of saying it so better than I was able to convey it Marina.. I know that ‘space’ in your heart will never be over taken.. Just added to with more love.. Wonderfully said. And I hope you knew what I meant.. xxx ❤ Hugs 🙂

  9. She is incredibly beautiful and looks oh so happy with her new family! Love seeing Ruby 7 ~ great design and vibrancy.

  10. Beautiful designs and choice of colours, Marina. As yet another ruby seven gets swept below time’s carpet, here is wishing that the fat lady eight in wait brings prosperity to all. I am weighting to see how you would be dressing up Augustus…

  11. She’s a beautiful little soul, Marina. I’m so happy for her and for you too. Bless you.

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