as the snow falls softly…

Snow falls gently at WP [every year I look forward to that!] and Christmas is almost here. Past few months have been quite busy and December isn’t getting any lighter in many aspects, so I’m having to take a break for a while. I do hope I’ll be able to do a holiday post full … Continue reading

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late July…

I think I heard somewhere: “never plan ahead”… This was going to be a follow up post to RUBY SEVEN… Alas! Life had other plans! July has been [still is] an overwhelmingly eventful month. I’ll stick to the joyful part in the form of the following tiled mosaic of photos. A new member in our … Continue reading

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Hijacked by Squishi

Originally posted on bumpyroadtobubba:
AFTERNOON UPDATE:Squishi & Jessie have rescue saves if they don’t find families; so now we just need to share to help find Milo a family. * * * * * * * * * * * * Tasty Tuesday has been hijacked again … for good reason. This is Squishi. I…

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