Hijacked by Squishi

Hijacked… for a good cause!!!!



Please check the following link: http://renbury.com.au/dogs_in_care.htm
For some of those pups, days are limited


Squishi & Jessie have rescue saves if they don’t find families;
so now we just need to share to help find Milo a family.

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Tasty Tuesday has been hijacked again … for good reason.

This is Squishi.


I first saw him on Sunday afternoon. For some reason I got teary as soon as I saw his profile. Maybe because at 10 years young he’s only a few months older than Bella, or maybe because he’s just one of those dogs. He suits his name perfectly – I’d love to squish him!

Love Bug asked me what was wrong so I told her this pup pal needed a new family. Aw, poor puppy. I hope he gets a family so he will be happy and you will too my mumma. We talked about Dave and Rosy…

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  1. So many lovely animals out there waiting to be loved with so so much love to give back… We have rescued several Cats in the past… such a lovely cute appealing face, who could fail to fall in love with that face..

    I hope a home is soon found.. Much love for your kind heart Marina. xxxx

  2. He is adorable, Marina..I truly hope he finds a loving home. We adopted our dog, Copper, two years ago and I can’t imagine where he’d be if we hadn’t…it’s really nice of you to share..sending hugs…

    • No matter how beautifully one describes their feelings after adopting a neglected / stray / rescued animal, one can only get the full picture once they actually do. I know exactly what you mean and wish for people out there an experience like this. Many hugs back, Lauren!! 🙂 xx

  3. There are so many ads, my dear Marina, in which is asked for help in the adoption of animals… dogs, cats are the most common!
    Every time my heart swells, I feel the tears in my eyes reading their stories, feeling the emotion then invade my mind…
    Many times they are creatures that are in other continents, in other nations… away from where we live .. but the emotion and the pain that you feel is still the same.
    I know there are many people who consider with heart of adopion (us, with our stray cats in and out of the house… we are always a little displaced).
    My thoughts will be with them…

  4. Ah, he’s beautiful! I’m so excited – we lost our beloved greyhound two months ago and miss him terribly; but today I am picking up our new four-legged family member! Another rescue greyhound, just one week off the track. Can hardly wait!

    • Awwww, how nice!!!!!! I can understand exactly how you feel!!! When he does arrive, give him a kiss from a ‘virtual’ friend. May you all live happily together, Colleen! 🙂

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