In Limbo – Sepia I

Back to the ‘In Limbo’ series: Sepia I*

A very different approach.

A combination of Watercolor, Indian ink and Acrylic [a lot of it!]!

A beautiful weekend to everyone.

*yes, there is a Sepia II!

In Limbo – Sepia I


In Limbo - Sepia I ©Marina Kanavaki l



detail 1

In Limbo-SEPIA I det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

In Limbo-SEPIA I det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

In Limbo-SEPIA I det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Technique: Acrylic, Indian Ink, Watercolour [mixed media]

Original size: 14x25cm

from my watercolor, ink & acrylic series “In Limbo” 2014 © Marina Kanavaki

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In Limbo - Sepia I framed Imagekind

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In Limbo-Sepia I framed art print Society6


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  1. Reporter: I’m approaching a man who’s lying on the ground. He appears stunned. He’s pointing at In Limbo – Sepia I, by world-famous artist and Mt. Olympus resident Marina Kanavaki. His eyes are glazed. He’s making strange noises. He’s foaming at the mouth. Either that, or he’s been eating whipped cream. Good heavens! it’s famous illustrator Mark Armstrong!!

    “Mr. Armstrong, would you care to comment on Ms. Kanavaki’s painting? Does she show promise as an artist? Does this work speak to you? What do you think of the color scheme? She seems to have used a lot of sepia– do you think that’s just a coincidence?? Say something, Mr. Armstrong! Could you sum up this Limbo Sepia Thing for us in just one word??”

    “G-G-G-G-Genius!!” (klunk!)

    “Well, he’s passed out with a look of ecstasy on his face. Nothing to worry about, I understand this happens a lot when he’s viewing Ms. Kanavaki’s work. Let’s get back to the studio now and the latest Mt. Olympus weather report, with meteorologist Zeus Smith… “

    • ……………………………………………………. ……. ………………. …… ……….. …… …. ….. .. ……………………….. . . . . . klunk! Klunkety klunk…. the marina kanavaki is trying to recover from they joy of reading your ‘comment’ and well, guess which was the word she uttered: ‘G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Genius’ and thought to herself, ‘how lucky am I to have the honor of Mr. Armstrong’s friendship’! 🙂

  2. Marina, you take me to a strange and intimate place, both tender and dangerous. i hear compositional echoes of figures on Greek vases. beautiful and daring. x tony

  3. What fun! It’s always fun to try new media. I’m going to try it. I’ve been using walnut ink. It’s a lovely color brown. Hummm I could throw in a little acrylic ………

  4. Drop dead gorgeous work. I can almost see the focus of thought and the hands and fingers at work.

    Ten **********

  5. Marina, if you can believe it once again your post didn’t show up in my Reader, so I’ve un-followed and re-followed, but also signed up for email notification.

    Wow what brilliant creativity, – this is a fascinating piece. The thickness of acrylics gave an incredible play on textures as well as the brush strokes, and then the subtleties of color changes makes for powerful piece of art.

    • Oh, Mary, what a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much, my dear and thanks for going through the trouble of re following/ re subscribing!! 🙂 xx Loved your serene boat! today!!

    • 🙂 NoII is waiting in line for this week!!! So glad you like it, my dear friend!!! Happy Wednesday! I’m going to be thinking of your dawn over the Atlantic!! xxxxx []

  6. As much as I love vibrant colors, Marina, I also love these earth tones, too. They remind me of the season to come. Wonderful texture detail, also! Have a lovely, long weekend, my friend! ♥

    • Oh, thank you, Isadora! I do get carried away with acrylics. I’m more ‘direct’ and I enjoy it! Yes, a touch of fall. The beautiful season! 🙂 Happy weekend, my dear! 🙂

  7. I find a certain sadness and explosion of rage, exasperated by what you can not change… going into autumn.
    The other side of reality that we share… (I told “clinock” that I associate this painting to the Bach’s cello suite No.5 in C minor)
    Very inspiring, dear ❤ kisses :-)claudine

    • Autumn is probably my favorite season as it leads us to a more introverted season [winter] softly and with such a blast of color [the last one before the white season]. There is something bitter sweet in that and I love it. Thank you so much, my dear Claudine for your insightful words! 🙂 hugs and xxxxxx

  8. Such chocolaty, earthy and rusty beauty Marina…I feel the colours and textures deep in my gut. There’s a cello playing here, a baritone sax, a heralding of autumn, bitter sweet…

  9. I like it, but browns and blacks aren’t my favorite color combos. Interesting appearance of texture, something I haven’t noticed in your work before …. so well done!

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