In Limbo – Sepia II

Completing ‘In Limbo – Sepia’ here is: Sepia II
Again a combination of Watercolor, Indian ink and Acrylic.
A beautiful weekend to everyone.

In Limbo – Sepia II


In Limbo - Sepia II©Marina Kanavaki l



detail 1

In Limbo-SEPIA II det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

In Limbo-SEPIA II det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

In Limbo-SEPIA II det3 ©Marina Kanavaki


Technique: Acrylic, Indian Ink, Watercolour [mixed media]

Original size: 14x25cm

from my watercolor, ink & acrylic series “In Limbo” 2014 © Marina Kanavaki

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In Limbo - Sepia II

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In Limbo - Sepia II


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  1. Whoa! Good thing I was wearing my hardhat– that’s an explosive piece of art– color and beauty and wonder flying out in every direction!! But do I run for cover?? On the contrary, my dear Marina! I step closer and let your marvelous painting permeate my very being!! Who cares if my eyebrows get singed off– they’ll grow back. I hope… : )

    Sepia togas to celebrate autumn on Mt. Olympus– I think it’s a splendid idea… : )

    • No no no, the painting has strict orders to be gentle to you!!!! Your eyebrows are safe! All the more reason now that you are part of the Mt. Olympus pantheon!
      Smiling and thank you, my friend! Have a blasting joyful weekend! 🙂

  2. Loved the completed result Marina… very striking..:-) Wishing you a wonderful New Week Marina, and thanking you for your love and support.. BIG HUGS your way. xox Love Sue xxxxxxxx

  3. I know you call it your Limbo Series, but it looks like a dance. Well, why not dance in Limbo? Might as well enjoy every place and time in any way we can!
    Beautiful, Marina! There is something special about sepia tone. 🙂 xo

  4. I’m fascinated by what you are exploring and finding in your Limbo land Marina. This is, I think, a breakthrough of sorts for you (although you might have been there before I knew you). The dark and muted colours, the intense tactile quality and the near complete abstraction, especially in the details, all reflect another side of you, deeper than seasonal or a change of media. I am deeply moved by these works…

    • as I am deeply moved by your words, John.
      For many years I had been working like that but I like to challenge my self with different mediums. Watercolor is something I never liked [believe it or not] because it ‘wasn’t strong enough’! I love the directness and boldness of acrylics, inks and oils [a little less because the take ages to dry]. Some examples of this you can see in my first painting exhibition titled ‘Characters’ [portraits] I did back in 1998, here:
      Thank you, my dear friend! 🙂

    • Oh, what a description!!! Thank you so much, Colleen! After a long watercolor period, I heard my acrylic tubes summoning me ‘get thee some texture’! I always obey!! 😉

  5. What do you know – your post actually showed up in my Reader today! Another fantastic piece of art Marina – I love the old tree trunk structure with the fallen pieces and flitting leaves. The textures are a great buildup, as layers of paint are so beautifully built – your subtle use of color is perfect. Have a great weekend!

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