september full moon

Saying goodbye to a triplet of supermoons!
Last one for this year, tonight.

Enjoy the Harvest Moon!


full moon 9-2014

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  1. Amazingly creative… I love the typographic style dear Marina.
    Thank you very much for sharing these ones with us.
    Best wishes to you, always, Aquileana 😛

  2. Wow! This made me think of that old Creedance Clearwater Revival song, “Black Moon Rising.” Oh wait, that was Bad Moon Rising… never mind. : )

    Great symbolism here!!– the black moon looks like a giant period at the end of a sentence. And being an English scholar, I know a period is sometimes called a “full stop.” And of course you are telling us that the supermoons are over, that they’ve come to a full stop. Ingenious, my dear Marina!!

    And I love the moon’s wobbly reflection on the Sea of Ink. That’s taking full advantage of your artist’s materials!! : )

    • Blown away by your analysis, I have now requested that you be appointed not only THE illustrator of Mt. Olympus but also an advocate for my work – in your free time of course. Please accept! 🙂
      Happy Monday and new week, my dear friend! 🙂

  3. With your masterful design skills you have created a visual haiku out of a full length novel of lunar drama. The real full moon knocked me off balance with her power and emotional complexity. She intoxicated me like too much red wine. Your rendition, by contrast, is a sip of cold water from a mountain stream, refreshing simplicity. I needed your sobering beauty, thank you my friend.

    • Oh, I can see how she would knock you off balance! A very powerful moon…
      Overwhelmed by your kind words, my dear John.I like the haiku description, although it really was a quick interpretation only to accompany my wishes! 🙂

    • I really didn’t expect something I did so quickly and without much consideration, to have such an impact!!! Thank you so much, Richard. It’s a very busy week but nice. I hope your week is a beautiful one! 🙂

  4. a very different style Marina – more ‘together’ and I love the silky and serene effect, and this colour combo

  5. Marina, this is soo cool! (btw, when did I stop following you, I had to click the follow button AGAIN… stuff shifted here in my absence… I wonder what other blog “I’ve stopped following”?) anyway, this is so modern, minimalist yet dream-like! I love it 🙂 You, are a great exampple in my life, you respect your creativity, your passion and thus have it as a priority in your life, creativity fuels creativity and your art shows it… thank you for being ALL you are, xo Alexandra

    • What a thing to say!!!! My dear Alexandra, I am honored to be your friend! 🙂 Thank you so much for all those kind and very flattering words! I still blush you know! About the ‘follow’ thing – unfortunately this happens when someone’s not very active for a while. It happened to me when we were moving house and couldn’t have access for some time. You probably have to re-follow most of your friends… 😦
      Wishing you a great September! 🙂 xxxxx

  6. Gorgeous, Marina, and I just loved the moon last night. I took pics but as good as my cell is, it doesn’t do the moon justice. 🙂 Enjoy your day, my sweet friend! xo

    • Thank you, my dear Lauren. It’s okay if it’s not a good shot – it’s imprinted in your mind – can;t get better than that!!! 🙂 You too enjoy the rest of this week – Thursday already… 🙂 xx

  7. Wonderful Marina! Beautiful creativity in the simplicity – it’s perfect. I saw the last of it early this morning, wow just gorgeous. Hello September – have a great week!

  8. Perfect timing for me because we just returned from an evening walk. Interestingly, to the west , the orange sun was still above the horizon … turn around to the east, the large moon was just above the trees …. only if I knew how to take a 180 degree picture. Meanwhile, I like your rendition … so simple, with the meandering white giving it your personal touch.

    • Oh, my , what an image, Frank! Maybe it’s just as well you didn’t photograph it because what you have just described has created a whole world in my mind! Thank you for sharing! Ah, the rendition is nothing but a quick sketch to accompany the reminder, but I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  9. Hi Marina (Kali mera!) Apart from the fact that this particular work is great, I like the way you can change… style? you do have different approaches which is very nice.
    Take care

    • Thank you, Brian. It probably has to do with the fact I was also trained as a designer – versatility is our middle name 😆 !!! This one was just a quick sketch to accompany my wishes for the Full Moon. You too take care and have a good night! 🙂

  10. You are indeed a prolific artist, but most important an imaginative extremely talented one. The beautiful of your work crosses all geographical boundries, fitting into any and all cultural influences. Lovely! JJ

    • Ah, my dear Jean-Jacques, you are so kind… this was something I did really quickly just to accompany my wishes for the full moon – to hear such praise is the last thin I expected! Thank you so much, my friend! 🙂

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