diamond four

Now that April Fool’s long gone, I may safely proceed with my interpretation of… April.

Lame excuse huh? Well, better late then never, here is

Fourth month of the year. Its name originates from the Latin ‘Aprilis’  [from the verb aperire, “to open” for spring, the season when flowers ‘open’. The Greek word Anixi ‘Ανοιξη’ also means opening].


April colors: Pink & Purple

April Birthstone: Diamond

April Flowers: Daisy & Sweet Pea


speaking of daisies:

April Daisies©Marina Kanavaki

“April Daisies” Marina Kanavaki © 2016

Watercolor digitally edited


Word* of the month: Innocence

*also: Blissful, Curious, Delicate, Departure, Lasting Pleasures, Playful, and Tenacious

Astrological signs: Aries & Taurus

On number four:
•  Four is the only number that has the same number of characters as its value in the English language [not the case in Greek though: ‘tessera’!  ;-)]
Four cardinal directions: North – East – South – West.
Four blood types [ABO blood group system]: A, B, O, AB
Four is the atomic number of beryllium.
• Valency of carbon (basis of life on the Earth) is four. Because of its tetrahedral crystal bond structure, diamond (one of the natural allotropes of carbon) is the hardest known naturally occurring material.
According to Aristotle there are basically four causes in nature: the efficient cause, the matter, the end, and the form.
Four seasons [although lately their boundaries are becoming obscure!]: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter
• Greek classical elements: Fire – Air – Water – Earth
A leap year [like this one] occurs every four years
Four is the number of strings on a violin, a viola, a cello, double bass, a cuatro and a ukulele, and the number of string pairs on a mandolin.

[source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_%28number%29%5D


For more information on the number four, visit Bumba‘s page here: FOUR
Also visit Frank‘s Salutes To Numbers


So, before this month ends…

Diamond Four

diamond fourl©MarinaKanavaki

Diamond Four © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: mixed media [Indian ink and oil on colored tissue paper, digitally edited]

from the series “journey of numbers” © 2016



simpleFrameEngine Diamond-Four_art

[museum quality printing and framing]


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diamond-four-framed-prints  diamond-four-canvas

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For the musical April,
Chick Corea & Gary Burton – Four In One Devo – The 4th Dimension Ella Fitzgerald – April in Paris Eric Dolphy Quintet – April Fool Keith Jarrett – Four Led Zeppelin – Four Sticks  Miles Davis –I’ll Remember April  MK-O – 4Wheel Animal  Nat King Cole – Lost Apri Nina Simone – Four Women  Nine Inch Nails – The Four Of Us Are Dying  Peter Hammill – Four Pails  Pink Floyd – Free Four

Trilogy by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

For Keith Emerson – the master of keyboards.


My best wishes to everyone.


About months & numbers: Back in September 2015, inspired by Bumba’s “The Numbers Game Is Here: Mathematics for DummiesThe Whole Nine Yards, I started working on images for each month. First month was September, so this series will be completed in August 2016!


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  1. ‘Four!’ is also what you yell when your golf ball is about to knock someone’s 🎩 off. No wait, that’s ‘Fore!’– sorry… 😐

    Sometimes ‘Four’ is the number of ⭐️’s you give something that’s really good– like a 4-star hotel, for example. But I could never give 4 stars to a Marina painting. Nor could I give 400 stars. Both numbers are much too low. I would have to give all the stars in the universe!!!

    Well, guess I’d better start collecting them… 🚀🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑💥🚑👽👽👽🍨😊

    • Well, I’m afraid you won’t find many as I’ve been collecting them a long long time to give to you!!!!!!! You may find however some homeless 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 around…
      Many shinning thankyous to you, my friend! 🙂 🙏 😊😊😄😄😃😊🙂🙃😊😄😃🙂🙃

  2. Lovely watercolor. Digitally edited, hmmm. That is very interesting. Wondering what you did with the painting on the computer.

    • It’s a secret!!!! Nuh – joking! I do a collage using colored tissue papers, Indian ink and oil colors for the suns. Then I scan and edit it digitally. As for the daisies, well, it’s a watercolor I did but then I decided to add more daisies! That was done digitally, and usually when I start editing, I end up with a piece very different from the original! 😉

  3. I like the drawing, the design for the four very much. Also those daisies. I always like your watercolors. But, as you talked of Aristotle’s four substances, let me remind you that Plato cited the fifth, the quintessential, the five regular solids, the fifth dimension and not the pop group. All going to say that May the fifth month approaches and we are all expecting something magnificent. I already started my May magazine. So….

  4. You shine like a diamond, Marina. Your painting is as unique and sparkling as you.
    Incredible things you’ve spoken about for April. Daisies blowing in the wind screaming Spring … so lovely.
    Innocence is the perfect word for the beginning of mother natures rebirth. The innocent children
    born, as well. A gloriously perfect tribute to the month of April. Well done, my dream friend, Marina.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Isadora ❤️😍❤️

  5. Oh it’s been long since I said hello dear Marina. But seeing your beautiful Daises more than makes up for the gap. And of course there are the Four Vedas: Rigveda, the Yajuveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda these lay down the basis of Hinduism and said to be composed between 1500 and 700 BC. (From the Wikipedia)

    Regards and many good wishes 😃😃

    • So nice seeing you here, my dear Dilip! Elementary, huh?! I should have mentioned the Vedas, but …that’s what friends are for! 😉 Thank you so much for your kind words, my dear friend AND the reminder! 🙂

      • Frankly I may know there are four Vedas but what I understand is perhaps not even a drop in the ocean 🙂

        I do really find your paintings always so beautiful. Will be in touch more often dear Marina. 🙂 🙂

  6. Love the daisies. But that diamond is just brilliant Marina! How do you manage to achieve that translucence?

    Pardon my ignorance, but how do you digitally edit a watercolour? Do you scan and upload it for editing?

    • Ah, thank you so much, Madhu!!! 🙂
      Both images [‘Diamond Four’ and ‘April Daisies’] are digitally edited.
      For ‘April Daisies’, I scanned a watercolor I did and then added daisies I clipped from photos and digitally edited the final image.
      For ‘Diamond Four’ I scanned a collage I did [tissue paper – indian ink and oil color for the sun] and added a detail from a diamond photo. Then edited the image. This series originated from a project I did many years ago: “1-6: A trip”, which was a journey from number 1 to number 6! You can see it here: https://marinakanavaki.com/2012/11/01/1-6/ 🙂

  7. April Daisies speak to me, what a beautiful kiss of Spring for us to enjoy – so light and special this piece is. Innocence, yes that is the symbol of your work. I do love the Diamond Four Marina – gorgeous play on colors and also the sparkles of this precious stone. Hope you are having a beautiful April, hugs to you my friend from TX – Mary (sorry I am so late in responding to your post my husband and I are in the middle of doing some major work around the house and it’s taken me away from blogging and art – another two weeks and I’ll be back at it).

    • My dear Mary, your words always brighten my day. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Work around the house sounds great [some kind of renovation is always refreshing -sometimes even creative 🙂 ] I’ve also been on-off lately and tend to get very late in responding! Enjoy life, my dear friend, be it house work, creating or simply …being! 🙂 xx

  8. Marina! I enjoyed learning the source of your inspiration for the Diamond 4 🙂 Beautiful! My favorite color is pink so I’m pleased we’re in its main month of April right now ❤

  9. Loved this Marina.. April always a favourite month.. and so loved your design.. especially the enhanced diamond.. Of which you are a wonderful facet shinning brightly within your creations.. 🙂
    Your April Daisies so restful to view.. ( I am growing sweetpeas 🙂 too.. )
    Have a beautiful weekend Marina.. Enjoy..

    Love Sue xxx ❤

  10. It must be very rare that beryllium gets a blog mention – almost as rare as the element itself. I had to look it up. I had completely forgotten, of course, that “it is created through stellar nucleosynthesis”. I much prefer the daisies, really… RH

    • Poor beryllium! No one cares about it! 🙄
      What kind of April post would this be, without the presence of …BERYLLIUM, huh?!!!!!! 😉
      Thank you for my daisies RH! 🙂

    • Ah, you are so kind, Rebecca! Yes, April is a beautiful month, full of color! Hence, I wish I didn’t have the constriction of ‘April birth color’ 🙄 Happy April!!!! 🙂 xx

  11. striking gorgeous colours for April – but I love the way the daisies are leaning to the right – suggests summer is not so far away

    • Ah, so nice to hear, Patricia! Even though the colors were ‘given’ [April colors], it wasn’t easy getting them …’likeable’ [well, to me at least!] 😉 xx

  12. love these, especially the daisies!! so very soft and Spring like 🙂 plus the 4 Design is great, very Bold and makes a statement, with great color pairing. cool!!

    • Ah, thank you so much, Debi. The month/number illustrations have been a good ‘exercise’ of color limitation -as the colors are ‘given’ [colors of the month or birth colors]. This one was not a favorite of mine [white / pink / purple] but I am glad it worked out in the end. 🙂

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