Happy April [Diamond Four]

April 6 already, but not too late to wish everyone:

Happy April!

April 1st sunrise as I saw it from my window

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Visible: 67%↑ Age: 20,5 days
April is officially the month of Spring, so check outside your windows. Nature is blooming!
For info on this month and the number 4, check my “Diamond Four”
April is the fourth month, hence my illustration of Diamond Four, [from my 2018 calendar]

[click on the image below to see my 2018 calendar]


…and a quick drawing of my April / number 4, in April colors, this year:


April/4 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: mixed media [watercolor and dry pastel]


Speaking of Spring, here’s a teaser to make you guys look outside!  😉



Enjoy this blossoming month!


Also Easter month. Most of my friends enjoyed Easter last week. In the Eastern parts, our Easter is this week. [Happy Easter!!!] This, combined with a few work projects, have kept me away from my virtual home here, but I’ll be back to normal soon!  😉


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  1. Just dropping by again, you have been on my mind and your logo popped up again today on an old post I revisited Marina.. You are missed.. I just hope all is well with you and you are busy doing your fantastic art and singing your heart out my friend..
    Keep doing what you love..
    I do not travel around WP as often as I used to, and mainly just reply to a few loyal followers who comment..
    So Take care, Enjoy… and know you are being sent well wishes in all you do..
    Love Sue ❤

  2. Vecchie imagini, dentro i tuoi occhi, sifondono confondendosi con i destini.
    E nel silenzio degli sguardi, dentro il tuo sorriso, si nasconde la tua docezza.
    Ciao dolce amic mia


    • Old images, within your eyes, blend together, merging with the destinies.
      And in the silence of the looks, inside your smile, hides your prowess.
      Hello sweet my friend

  3. Beautiful purple flowers!! 🐙🐙🐙

    Beautiful yellow flowers!! 🔥🔥🔥

    And that beauteous ‘4’ looks wonderfully like a seahorse!! 🌊🐎

    I saw a seahorse while sitting on a seesaw down by the seashore!! 🐬🎢👙

    But it couldn’t compare with seeing Kanavaki’s and then enjoying a nutritious snack in the Mt. Olympus Café!! 🎨🏆🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🗻🚀🌖💥🚑👽👽👽👽👽👽😊

  4. Love that gorgeous flowing lilac 4 Marina! And the lovely spring flowers. Any reason you don’t post your art work on Instagram?

  5. The 4/Easter is fantastic, dear friend. I’m always loving your new watercolors and other creations. I hope you are having a great Easter celebration ❤

  6. Lovely, lovely, Marina! We had more rain, but then the last two days have been gorgeous (so ready for spring colors). Sending lots of hugs and love to you and Hera! ❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶

  7. I know how difficult it is to paint something shiny like a diamond, seriously very clever.
    Happy Aril my dear, spring is definitely here hooray 🙂

    • Oh-Oh…. April is over the middle!!!!!! My apologies, my dear Gilly! Too many projects have kept me from my virtual home here 😦 Thank you so much for your lovely words! Happy Spring! 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. Happy April. Lovely paintings and great pics. This month is celebrated in most cultures. In Hindu lunar calendar this is called Chaitra (you may already know this). We celebrate the nine nights (Navratri) dedicated to the universal mother and the birth of Lord Rama.

    An excellent post.

    • My dear Frank, at least I’m replying on a day ending with 7, even if it’s 10 days after!!!! 😉 I’ve had multiple projects [still do] on a tight schedule… I hope I’ll catch my breath soon and get back here! Thank you, my friend! I miss your beach walks very much!!!!! 🙂

  9. Hey, Marina! Winter came back to Toronto with snow, sleet and big winds. SIGH! LOL! It must be a joke from Mother Nature. LOVE the new April 4 Art! Thank you! Hera would look gorgeous with some of those flowers behind and ear. Okay, you would look gorgeous, too! 😀 Sending love. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • A-ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! Well – Hera would, surely!!!! She’s an amazing model!!!! I don’t know what’s happening with the weather this year! Over here, it’s warm, which is a bit early for this time. Also everything is in full bloom! I feel like we skipped winter this year… 😦 I’ll send some some over to you! Hmm, maybe Hera could bring it! …till then, we both send our love and hugs! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • If you could post a pic of Hera with flowers, that would make spring seem real! Looks like we will get a spring break in a week. I’m not holding my breath. At this point, I would not be surprised if we had winter all summer!!!!! 😀 😀 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. That is the difference between Germany (where I am) and Greece (where I guess you are). Here you see the first traces of green and the very first early flowers. Spring is approaching but it is not yer really there. Here the typical weather called “April weather” is a mix of clouds and rain and sun and wind, relatively cold. To you, it might still feel like winter. 🙂

    • April is usually colder than this. Spring came early this year. In fact I feel like we kind of skipped winter altogether! Well, it was cold at times but no snow -at least in Athens. Strange… Coincidentally, it was raining a couple of days ago. 😉

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