Happy 1st of November!

I thought I’d start it with a …trip!

1-6: A trip

“a trip from number 1 to number 6” 1990 © marina kanavaki

mixed media [oil – indian ink and tissue paper]

This was a visualization of a trip.

Could have been ANY trip, yet I chose to travel from No1 to no6…

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  1. This one reminded me of one of my very favorite painters, Marina Kanavaki. I think it was that lustrous orb, ever journeying, ever pushing into unexplored artistic territory. Yes, that’s Marina all right… : )

    • Leave no stone unturned huh?!!!
      You flatter me so much, my dear Mark – I am about to OD!!! 🙂
      It was really weird doing that journey. They say that art has a life of it’s own.
      Well in this case, off I went on an excursion from number 1 to number 6 and this little dot, gradually took over scorching like a sun my whole journey!
      What can I say!!!!
      Thank you, my friend – I am ever grateful for your kindness.

      • good idea to use to separate space. I made a big hanging clipping together 8×10 standard paper printed with morocco images to separate a museum space.I was working in once as artist in residence.

  2. Brilliant blog you have, but this is not the reason why I stopped by. As from today I consider you my number one fan! I want to thank you from the heart for your continuous support. You are a blogger’s angel! Hugs from Ralphie.

  3. Beautiful, Marina, and so very creative! I really like how you incorporated the number with sunsets, the color combination and the bold colors (especially the red and purple). 🙂

    • Suzanaki!!!!! Thank you!!
      Too bad the original has dissolved to duotone! [the tissue papers have faded to one orange/brownish colour! Only the suns in oil colour survived. Oh, well…

  4. I am speechless – from 1990 to-date – that is 22 yrs ago – wow, you were already a shining one then too ! Stunning colours mingled with supreme imagination, a masterpiece in many elements. You keep inspiring me, my dear Marina! Thank you and continue lighting many paths, mine for sure! Cheers.

    • Ah, Mashaal, you are always so kindhearted and generous with your comments. Thank you so much my dear friend.
      22 yrs does sound like a long time ago yet it seems like yesterday to me!!!! 🙂
      Have a wonderful week!

  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about Carl Jung and mandalas but these pictures certainly bring back memories of what he said, that the mandala is the archetype of wholeness.

    Here, in this series, rational numbers loom large as the mandala is born. The rational is quickly replaced by an act of creation that represents wholeness. There is an artistic and spiritual rebirth happening here. A birth of something new.


    • What an insightful interpretation! “Spiritual rebirth” a process all too familiar [I think to every artist].
      Thank you for this wonderful comment / analysis.
      I’m honored and very grateful.

  6. An imaginative breakthrough into a new form for you – serial imagery – and it works beautifully. I see you doing a long series of similar images and then animating them. I can also envision each panel as large paintings, especially 1 and 2 – good one Marina…

    • It would be very interesting to rework this after 22+ years! I have absolutely no idea how I’d do it today… Thank you so much, John, for your encouraging words. As an artist yourself, you know how valuable they are!

  7. Mesmerizing compositions. They fit so perfectly. Six of course being one of the perfect numbers. I never quite understand the perfection of the number six, but after seeing your folding composition, it makes sense.

  8. I absolutely love this journey you shared with us Marina. This is one of those great trips I can take over and over and over again. Love it. I really like the medium you used here and the richness of the colors. Beautiful abstracts. I don’t know anything about painting but I do know that this is great work. I’m amazed at the sense of weight and texture with these works. Thanks for posting this. What is the size of these individual panels?

    • I think you know a lot about painting and your abstracts are amazing! I’m so very glad you enjoyed my trip, Terry!
      They are 18x24cm, not as big as one may have thought…
      Thank YOU for commenting! 🙂

  9. Very interesting … especially because I expect your white backgrounds … so this one caught me off guard … but …. but … I love it! The bold colors and the step-by-step trip. Smiles at this end!

  10. I like the strength of the colors you’ve chosen, Marina!
    Really special sequence 1-2-3-4-5-6 barely perceptible…
    It could be gorgeous as a “screen height” of 2 meters to separe rooms or as ambiance-sharer…
    Serenity :-)claudine

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