So, my friends, this is the reason for my delay in responding from my recent ‘restart’ and an explanation for the ‘odd’ title of my post – for me that is!  I’ve been under the creative winds of a forum about to take place in Athens. I’ve had the privilege of designing the artwork for the event and collaborating with the BRILLIANT [and brave!] group of people who organized it.

Proud to share the news and a glimpse of my artwork.

The event:

Startup Now Forum 

StartupNowForum is an Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology conference for Startuppers, Investors, Business Executives, Employees and Organizations.

The venue is in Elefsina city, the European Capital of culture. For anyone visiting Athens and for my Greek friends, check out the site for more information:

The Artwork

A very big project with many design applications. Logo – banners – brochures – admission cards – stage backdrops to mention a few.

The event is 23-24 November, and although I can finally take a breather, there are still a few details to be done and of course… the anticipation of the event itself.

More news very soon, including my participation at an art gallery during December… soon!

Till then…

Enjoy November and … November Full Moon on Friday 23!


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  1. OMG!!!! YAY!!! Fantastic, Marina, and how very exciting. Hera must be beside herself with joy barks.
    I am sooooooo happy for you!!!!!!
    Enjoy the last bits of the project, and I look forward to your next post about it all.
    💥💥🌹xoxoxo 🌹💥💥
    😘xo 🙃xo 😘xo 😀xo 😘xo 🤪xo😘

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