As Above So Below #14

As Above So Below…
Some of my friends may remember this on going series.
[here is a link of the ones I’ve already posted: As Above So Below ]
While working on “In Limbo”, I found myself lead back to “As Above…”
…not that I’m obsessed with this theme or anything!!!!   😉
So here is my new work titled:

[Warning: expect more of those!]


As Above So Below No14


As Above So Below #14l©Marina Kanavaki

detail 1

AsAboveSoBelow#14 det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

AsAboveSoBelow#14 det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

AsAboveSoBelow#14 det3 ©Marina Kanavaki


Technique: Watercolour & Inks  [yes, inks were involved in this too!]

Original size: 20x29cm

from my watercolor series “As Above So Below” 2014 © Marina Kanavaki


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simpleFrameEngine-1    As-Above-So-Below-No_art


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13349490_9000064-frm118wt01_lz   13349490_9000064-cnv01_lz


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  1. Liebe Marina sehr schöne Bilder Aquarelle die 4 finde ich besonders schön einfach toll einen schönen Freitag ein super Wochenende und 2 Advent das wünscht dir Klaus mit ganz lieben Grüßen Klaus

  2. Love this work of art Marina.. As above so below…. love how your colours merge and contrast… xxx.. So missed coming over.. but glad to be catching up at last.. it may well take me some time before I catch up with all my regular friends LOL.. but its so good to see what you have been up to… Is this a new back ground too? or is it just that I have been absent for so long! 😉 xxxx

  3. As always I love these pieces. This is the first time I’ve noticed though that the ‘reflection’ is not a true reflection at all. This, along with the more obvious change of colours has me asking all sorts of questions in my mind about what you were signifying by this – questions for which I don’t want answers because that’s the whole point of art, is it not? To question for oneself the meaning for us and for life. I love your work because it always provokes such thoughts!

    • Ken, my friend, it makes me so happy what you’re saying and your observations… of course I wouldn’t give answers! I chose to speak in shapes and colors, not words, so why verbalize it! Thanks so much, my dear friend! Happy BRIGHT new week ahead! 🙂

  4. Above… a clear reference to your Cloud #9 home on Mt. Olympus.

    Below… that would be Earth, where we humble mortals dwell.

    Which leads me to conclude that your work is a “gift from the gods”– well, OK, one in particular– which enriches our lives here below.

    In fact, I feel so “enriched” when I gaze upon your work, I’m worried I may have to pay additional income tax. I must consult with my accountant… : )

    Lovely work, my dear Marina!! : )

    • Away with words like tax!!!!
      In this world here there are no such things! Just colors!
      And since …As Above So Below, that cloud is everywhere or should I say that is the cloud I am riding ever from the moment I read your comment!
      Thank you, my friend. Wishing you a beautiful Monday and new week …and New Moon! 🙂

  5. I love your taking “nature” and carry it in your wonderful figurative art… each design is a masterpiece! I’m thinking since a couple of weeks to a project that is locked away in my soul’s drawer .. I’ll write the idea to you, and who knows… if it’s roses, they’ll bloom! Kiss :-)c

  6. Interesting how the reflection appears as I too examined more closely. Thus, Isadora’s comment sparked a thought I hadn’t considered. Although I don’t think that was your intent, I also realize that artist’s appreciation knowing what other’s see/think rather than sharing their own thoughts about representation. Well done!

    • It’s true that I never describe or offer an interpretation of my work. Clues are given of course in the titles …usually, but this is as far as I wish [or not in this case] to ‘influence’ the viewer. There’s a multitude of emotions a painting can evoke, why guide them? Not to mention that many times a painting reveals hidden paths even from its ‘creator’! So, yes, I always enjoy reading interpretations of something I did. Thank you, my dear friend and thank you for always being so supportive! 🙂

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