as the snow falls softly…

Snow falls gently at WP [every year I look forward to that!] and Christmas is almost here.
Past few months have been quite busy and December isn’t getting any lighter in many aspects, so I’m having to take a break for a while.
I do hope I’ll be able to do a holiday post full of wishes but until then I wish everyone a great month and holidays.
and everybody: take care and smile… elementary!

Leaving you with Hera’s pose [with a seasonal decoration!] for a calendar Pitbull Rescue did, with photos of rescued and adopted doggies. She is June [the month she was adopted]. If any of you are thinking of getting a pet, please, please, please, consider adopting from a shelter. No words are enough to describe the joy… no words, really!


For my Greek friends [calendar’s in Greek], this is the link for the calendar.

Every purchase saves a dog!


PS: I’ll be posting updates on my Art Shops sales and holiday deals at my FB page  & on Twitter

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  1. I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas Marina… I know how busy Christmas time can be.. Enjoy your time out from WP.. It is so needed at times..
    Sending you Lots of Love and Well wishes for a Wonderful Happy New Year.. May it be filled with Love and an abundance of Harmony and Peace..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

  2. Your heart always shines so radiantly, providing the best of blessings to us all! I pray your Christmas was wonderful, and more than that I pray your New Year will be filled of abundant blessings! Your presence alone fills our hearts with joy and happiness! Love you my beloved sister! God bless!

  3. Hera is such a beauty! Perfect companion for the holidays
    Waiting for sunset on Christmas Eve is like standing toes-over-the-edge on a high diving board.
    Every year we’d cruise casually by the window to keep an eye on the sun’s progress until it was officially evening.
    Then the shout “Christmas Eve Gift!” would ring out.
    You see, the traditions says that the first person to voice that phrase on Christmas Eve to another would be graced with good fortune and joy all the next year.
    (And of course, whomever was first won. Everything was a contest…)
    It’s more difficult to be first now with caller ID.
    As all those who have become my friends in blogland are spread widely across time zones, I’d like to wish you all “Christmas Eve Gift” now.
    And as I already feel so fortunate to have such wonderful readers and writers in this neighborhood, I wish to share any phrase acquired good fortune and joy with you in thanks.
    No matter where you are or what you are guided by, hope you have a very merry Christmas and a new year full of adventure and joy.
    Peace on earth and goodwill towards all creatures great and small.

  4. Damascus-Syr, 13 december 2016

    I do not want to dive
    in a tangle of streets
    I’m so tired
    on the shoulders
    let me so
    as something laid
    in the corner
    and forgot
    Here you get nothing
    that the good hot
    I’m with the four
    Smoke somersaults

    My Christmas tree is not,
    I have its lights in the middle.
    My Christmas is not the crib,
    but it is rooted in my heart.
    My Christmas is peace,
    It has the joy in every thought
    that infiltrates between the sighs of the mind,
    dusting cobwebs
    He lost in time and
    It invites cheerfully.

    My Christmas,
    a joy that beautified
    abstractly from wires and decorations,
    It is presented to the nines
    in the silent house.

    My Christmas
     It reminds friends,
    remember the good people,
    remember you, Marina.

    My Christmas
    It is to wish you, sweet Marina,
    all the good
    it’s love
    and joy
    that the world can give
    and you can give.

    My Christmas
    It prays that,
    The world reborn
    and the joy explode.

    My Christmas
    It is keen to tighten
    in a Christmas Carol
    and in the joy
    who loves you.

    Good sweet Christmas my friend.

    A hug fm

    (Via Satellite from Damascus Syr)

  5. Your dog is beautiful, my daughter loves her! We have rescued 2 dogs so far. One after a tragic loss of our first. Both around the holidays. When the frigid cold hits, and our loving companion is all curled up, cozy and safe, I feel warmth knowing we have given him a safe home! Happy Holidays!

  6. Ah. what a nice dog! I had a pit bull too and she was a great dog. Take care of yourself, my friend. All the best of health! Happy Happy Holidays. :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Dear Marina,
    Hera has a gorgeous face. She’s simply irritable. I can see how she captured your heart. She is a great model. I wonder if she realized she was going to be in many homes so she put on her best face. I love her.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours …
    May 2017 be filled with more love than your heart can hold.
    Isadora 😎

  8. Hi Marina ❤ I love seeing a new post from you and hope all is well! The photo of Hera is adorable xx And I'm wishing you all the best with your art shop, music, and other projects that are keeping you busy. Sending love!

  9. Also wishing you the merriest of holidays and a prosperous new year. Looking forward to your return. 😉

  10. Oh, Marina, what a statuesque photo of Hera! She is a beauty.
    You know, my cats are street rescues, always have been. Everyday I think about going to rescue a puppy, but we are not set up here, yet…
    One day I will get a doggie. The hard part will be keeping it down to one.

  11. What a beauty she is. Such presence! You’ll be pleased to know Marina, that after losing my beloved rescue girl of nearly 16 years in August, I’ve adopted another rescue, 9 year old Archie. In love with him already❤️Happy holidays!

  12. Oh! Hera is gorgeous!! Her photo totally makes my day! Love to you Marina. (Colleen, posting from Pamba Toto account)

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