a journey entranced

12 months: A Journey Entranced

My visual journey through each month has reached an end.
The final ‘little’ stone to complete it was the two calendars.
The wall calendar I published a few weeks ago and now a full journal / planner for the year 2017. The latter [among other things] has been the reason of my absence [and not just from my blogging friends!].
Designing a calendar from scratch was challenging but I believe the outcome is rewarding [at least to me!]  😉
So, along with my apologies* and without further ado, here are my two calendars for 2017. Freshly published!


2017 Calendar

Size: Digest 5.25″ x 8.25″
164 pages with original illustrations for each month as well as information about the month’s colors, birthstones, flowers, astrological signs and moon phases. Week on two-page spread, 2017 & 2018 year planners and room for notes.
Printed on paper that is FSC-certified and acid-free.





2017 Wall Calendar

Size: Tabloid 17″ x 11″
Wire-O  Binding
28 pages with original illustrations for each month as well as information about the month’s colors, birthstones, flowers, astrological signs and moon phases. One month on each page.
Printed on paper that is FSC-certified and acid-free



and this is what November 2017 will look like!


By clicking on any of the above images you’ll be directed to MagCloud where my calendars are available.

I leave you with our November
and my best wishes for a beautiful month.

*what can I say, Elections, November 11th – 11:11 and a Supermoon have passed… that long!  😉

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  1. Oh, wow!! I’ve just ordered my beautiful, wonderful, exquisite, and utterly phenomenal Marina Kanavaki 2017 Wall Calendar from MagCloud!! Oh, how my heart is pounding in anticipation!!! 💓

    MagCloud… that must be the name of the cloud on top of Mt. Olympus. “Mag”… that must be short for Margaret… or maybe Marigold… yes, I like Marigold!! Marigolds have a certain brilliance– like my favorite Painting Goddess!! => 🌼👸🏻🎨👽🍨💥🚑

    The calendar is an art treasure! How do I know? I just paged thru my FREE– yes, friends, FREE with your print order!!!– digital copy!! I shall hang the print copy on my wall so it can inspire me all year long– I can almost feel that Olympian Energy already, coursing thru my sluggish veins!! 😁

    Sorry it took me so long to place an order, dear Marina. I blame it on all the ambrosia I eat– it clouds my thinking. In a most delightful way, of course, but still… 🍨🍨🍨🍨😋🔨

    So what if my calendar arrives in March?? It’s timeless– like the work it contains. Thank you for making your creation available to mortals!! 😊⚡️💥🚑

    • This is Marina’s representative speaking. I’m afraid that from the moment she read your comment she has been bouncing – beaming all over the place [place being the boundless universe!]. She is overjoyed, utterly flattered and has changed color to bright bright red!!!! We have to find a way to bring her down in order to prepare the calendar. She said something about catching various stars to include in the packaging! 🌟⭐️🌟💫✨🌟✨🌟💫⭐️✨🌟”The glowing calendar is looking forward to reach you and become a recorder of joyous events of the genius of Mark Armstrong”, her words! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
      Thank you, my dear dear friend…

  2. WOW! Marina.. this is a beautiful Calendar my friend and I can see so much thought has been put into it.. What a journey too… Made with love.. Your artwork around each month has been a pure pleasure to follow Marina..
    Thank you for sharing the finished product with us and now I am going to listen to your music.. which is so aptly named xxx
    Love and Mega Hugs dear friend
    Sue ❤ xxx

  3. I love seeing your art, what better way than to experience it through 12 months – an amazing project that turned out beautifully. I can see why you were so busy. LOVE listening to your music it’s a perfect way to compliment your many artistic talents. Best wishes to you my friend!

  4. Dearest Marina,
    No apologies needed for your lack of visits. 😊
    Your art 🎨 and your music 🎹 (which I am listening to as I write my comment – I will go back and see the visual on it next) are outstanding. You never disappoint in your creativity. The calendar is a perfect gift. It helps the receiver to remember the giver all year long. MUCH SUCCESS !!! 🍷
    Isadora 😎

  5. Love the new options. Well done. Was just listening to OVATION earlier today. Had “Quack” on repeat – cause it’s just so cool.

  6. Ahh, I love your music! I’m listening to November, as I write this comment in November.
    I love the wall calendars I bought from MagCloud!!! I have 2 calendars. One is for me, the other is a Christmas gift for a friend.
    I have to say here, for anyone who likes to have a wall calendar instead of the computer calendar, this is the one!
    Not sure if I will buy your planner, or a product with your art from S6 for another friend. I’ll let you know when I place the order.
    When is free shipping? It’s the best time for me to buy, as it seems all shipping to Canada is costly.
    Much love, many hugs and kisses to you & all you love! (Hera, too!)

  7. A calendar is a great way to portray your project around the months. Then again, your portfolio can be melded into many thanks! 🙂 A toast to your efforts!

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