As Above So below 2020 Wall Calendar

My Wall Calendar for 2020

This year’s calendar is titled “As Above so Below”, inspired by my watercolor series exhibited at my solo painting exhibition [Art Estate Gallery] a few months ago.

12 months, 13 paintings

Each month on one page with information on moon phases, eclipses and equinoxes.
Info in English and Greek.
Dimensions: 30x42cm • Binding: Wire-O [ready for wall mounting]
Calendar original paintings and artwork: Marina Kanavaki

This series of watercolors
is inspired by the Oneness of
“As Above So Below”.
Trees, Duality Trees, Inverted Trees
reflections, dreamscapes, paths,
in search of their fulfillment.

Cover & a short note by me and commentary by Erkan Noa [writer] on second sheet
Wire-O binding with hanger, ready for wall mounting

As a bonus, each calendar will be signed by me.

Κάθε ημερολόγιο που παραγγέλεται μέσω της σελίδας μου, θα έχει και την υπογραφή μου.

Each calendar will be sent in a rigid cardboard envelope and a polythene envelope to make sure it reaches its destination safely, uncreased and dry!

I’ve added 3 PAYPAL BUTTONS in order to include shipping costs for
International, Europe and Greece.*

International shipping [US, Canada and all countries outside the EU]

[$21 calendar + $15.50 shipping cost, registered mail with tracking info = $36.50]

Click on the Button below:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

for EU residents

[19€ calendar + 11,20€ shipping cost, registered mail with tracking info = 30,20€]

Click on the Button below:

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*Ημερολόγιο τοίχου 2020 “As Above So Below”

με ζωγραφικά έργα από την ατομική έκθεση ζωγραφικής μου το 2019, σε πρωτότυπο σχεδιασμό δικό μου.

12 μήνες – 13 έργα

Μήνας ανά σελίδα με ημεροδείκτες ελληνικά και αγγλικά και πληροφορίες για τις φάσεις της σελήνης / εκλείψεις και ισημερίες.

Διαστάσεις: 30x42cm • Δέσιμο: σπιράλ με κρεμασταράκι.

Για αποστολές εντός Ελλάδας / for GREEK residents

[19€ ημερολόγιο + 5,50€ έξοδα αποστολής, συστημένο με κωδικό αναζήτησης = 24,50€]

Πατήστε το παρακάτω κουμπί / Click on the Button below:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
For multiple copies, please email me at and I’ll send a direct paypal link after adding the re-calculated shipping cost.Για παραπάνω από 1 ημερολόγιο, παρακαλώ επικοινωνείστε μαζί μου στο και θα στείλω νέο link με τα μεταφορικά.

*Don’t hesitate to email me for any queries. 🙂

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  1. Such beautifully crafted calendar, it artistically sums the perfect blends of joy and inspiration for venturing into 2020. Wishing your work a grand success for the year ahead.

    Wishing you Marina a wonderful 2020 Happy New Year!!!
    Signing Off 2019 from wondering “Makeup & Breakup.”

  2. I already got mine, and I love it!!!

    • ❣️❤️🌺😍😘🌺🌸🌼🌷🌼🌸🌺😘😍🌺❤️❣️

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