the blue… [day 5]

Fifth day of my ‘blue’ week.
While charging up my batteries I absorb as much as I can from this beautiful place…
Turquoise and blue…

Rocks and the sea…

A sea puppy …wagging its rocky tail!

A salt pocket…

Sea weeds and pebbles.

I had company at the beach.
A seagull enjoying the sun and the sea.
I’ve got to admit, she got the best spot!
She even let me sit next to her…

The clouds up above…

On our way back with…


She’s the one who directed me to this beautiful tree bark.

A pale sunset. I love those soft grays…

After sunset…

Getting dark however the pink orange cloud perseveres.

Just after sunset, odd little puffy clouds gathered!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Saturday!

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    • Thank you, my dear!!! The clouds were taken with my phone camera and it couldn’t capture the ‘dangling puffy cotton pads’ from the sky while the light had just gone. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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