Georges Braque “Landscape near Antwerp”

Landscape near Antwerp

[Paysage près d’Anvers)]

Oil on Canvas • Fauvism • 60 x 81 cm • 1906 • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Georges Braque, French painter and sculptor.

Georges Braque

French painter, collagist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor
was born in Argenteuil, Val-d’Oise.

May 13, 1882.

His style: impressionistic to fauvist and later, Cubism

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  1. I see from an online article that Cubism began in 1907–08. We can imagine how the forms of this work from 1906, not long before, with a bit of squaring-off could turn into Cubism.

  2. Beautiful painting, and you introduced me to someone new. I hadn’t heard of this artist before..
    Have a lovely restful Sunday Marina 😘 💕⚘💐💕

  3. ▫ h a p p y ▫ w e e k e n d ▫ m a r i n a ▫


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