Summer Solstice and New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Summer Solstice today and

an Annular Solar Eclipse*

[the Ring of Fire]

on a New Moon too!

What a treat!

If only it were visible here…
Oh, well…

*for more information on time – visibility etc, visit

Here’s a beautiful tribute to Summer Solstice, Oannes did last year:

Oannes Summer Solstice collection…

Happy Summer Solstice!

Longest Day of the Year


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  1. Interesting thing that in Canada and prob most elsewhere where this is summer… the days get shorter but the Earth still heats up for about a month or so. I looked it up… something to do with heat physics. Anyhow, bring on the night… I dig it!

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  2. Happy summer Marina!
    The video is very neat, but due to time constraints I had to skim through it in about 7 minutes.
    Pretty great!
    I Hera rolling in the summer flowers?

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  3. It’s the end of the world, yet again. Too bad we can’t see this eclipse. from the USA. The last “end of the world”, ring of fire, annular eclipse I witnessed and photographed was May 21, 2012. Happy Solstice, Marina.

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