One more…

Or so I say!

Sun continues to play

the fire disc game

and I continue

to follow!

…and we have touchdown!

Imitating the orange Jupiter.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Going through my inbox (instead of working) and I find yet another I missed.. Damnation. however do you get such glorious shots of the sun? Beauty.

    • Nature… nothing to do with me! After 3 days of seeing the sun play games at sunset, I thought, right, I’m not going to bother today and in comes mom with a bright face telling me, “have you seen the sun?” …and I’m thinking: “you’re not gonna to rest, are you?” So out I went with my camera! 😉 I’m glad I did.
      Thank you, sweet Dale.

  2. I’m even earlier for this post than the last post.
    Ummmm Happy Sunday!!!
    Kisses for you – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    and for Hera – 🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx🧽xx

  3. Simply fantastic sun’s. I like how the sun is yellow on top and orange under the cloud in the third photo. It’s like the sun is slipping into sheer orange stockings.

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