time diversion IX

Tuesday 14th, March 2017
Moon: Waning gibbous Visible: 97% ↓ Age: 16 days
Ninth clock*:

Paths of Color [Red, Orange and Green]

Paths of Color [red, orange and green]

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 30x39cm

from Marina’s watercolor seriesDreamscapes” 2013 © Marina Kanavaki

and for this Tuesday:

J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, Prelude No 2 in C Minor, BWV 847

J.S. Bach:  The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, Prelude No 2 in C Minor, BWV 847

Glenn Gould, piano

Happy Tuesday 14!

* about this series of posts: Time Diversion

About my numbering ‘system’  [see Time Diversion VIII]


31 Responses to “time diversion IX”
  1. Andrew Seal says:

    Stunning Marina 😊

  2. clinock says:

    Perfect painting for this time Marina, the return of the flowers…and Glenn Gould, a hero of mine and proudly a Canadian treasure.

  3. Infinite beyond time and space. Is how I envision your painting. Love it.

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    The path of time .. but one with color. 🙂

  5. Marina. I am just loving your Paths of Colour.. I would gladly follow them … Wonderful xxx Hugs and Much love my friend xxx

  6. Wonderful design, Marina! It reminds a little of the ceramic poppies artwork.

  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I love this one thanks for the link back through time!

  8. Resa says:

    Really gorgeous! …. and it’s 14 o’clock! You found 2 extra hour in the day for us. 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Patricia says:

    Outstanding, Marina!

  10. Mary says:

    Like the built momentum in this painting – wonderful work Marina.

  11. Really lovely splashes of colour, Marina. Loved the Bach. 🙂

  12. So full of vitality – lovely! Love Glenn Gould playing the Well-Tempered Klavier too x

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