time diversion XVIII

Thursday 23rd, March 2017
Moon: Waning crescent Visible: 24% ↓ Age: 25 days
Eighteenth clock*:

Paths of Color III


Paths of Color III

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 23×30,5cm

from the watercolor series “Dreamscapes” 2015 © Marina Kanavaki

and for this Thursday:

Keith Jarrett: The Köln Concert, Part I

from his album: The Köln Concert

Concert recording of solo piano improvisations performed at the Opera House in Cologne (German: Köln) on January 24, 1975.

Keith Jarrett, piano



Happy Thursday 23rd!

* about this series of posts: Time Diversion

About my numbering ‘system’ [see Time Diversion VIII]

25 Responses to “time diversion XVIII”
  1. Christy B says:

    Ohhh Paths of Color III is wonderful ~ Let’s walk along the paths and smile 🙂

  2. Beautiful and another great album! Have a great weekend, Marina!

  3. The Hook says:

    Your work is so much more than a diversion: It’s a ticket to another universe.

  4. Heartafire says:

    I love this treat for the eyes, the beautiful colors, I adore purples, a wonderful post! Thank you.

  5. Rajagopal says:

    Your endearing love for violet stands out visibly in most of your creations, Marina, and today’s is no exception. While colours come to life in your hands, Keith Jarrett’s piano improvisations lend it a tonal ornamentation. Keep these coming…xx.

    • Such a wonderful thing to say, Raj. Thank you so much. Yes, I do have a special love for violets and greens ….and Jarrett, for that matter 😉 So glad you enjoyed it! Have a lovely Thursday, my friend. 3 more to come until D.S.T. 🙂

  6. yes, this entices us to smile, step into the scene and leave all worries behind!

  7. Jean-Jacques says:

    Your beautiful clocks with their awakening flow of bursting seasonal colours, to which you add the magnificent choice of music by the likes of Keith Jarrett makes it an irresistible combination. Thank you for these creations Marina. Most enjoyable!

  8. Patricia says:

    Gorgeous colors!!

  9. highway to haven! 🙂 hugs & kisses included :-)c

  10. Marina, I would walk upon the paths you create any day my friend, another beautiful creation of wonderful colours.. Love and Blessings for Thursday xxx ❤

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