September is here and a habit is a habit so I couldn’t leave a 9999 go unnoticed! 09:00 • 9 • 9 • 2016 [four nines in a row!] I’m sure numerology would have a great deal to say about this. Having finished my month/number illustrations I’ve been thinking about a new project. For now, … Continue reading

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turquoise twelve

Yet another blue month! I like the element of surprise in painting, hence I do the current months’ research on the month and not before. That way I take advantage of a ‘clear’ mind and improvise more freely. Even though this method can present minor issues (for example this is the second blue month, narrowing … Continue reading

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topaz eleven

November and what better date to post the eleventh month’s* painting, but the …eleventh! November the eleventh! Autumn turning gold and colder. November’s flower is Chrysanthemum [and Peony] and birthstone: Topaz [and citrine]. Yes, the color is yellow – gold. Chrysanthemum stands for joy, compassion, friendship, and love. [here’s to a joyful, loving and compassionate … Continue reading

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sapphire nine

Working on nine for Bumba’s “The Numbers Game Is Here: Mathematics for Dummies” The Whole Nine Yards inspired me to do a nine in blue, as this month’s birthstone and color is sapphire! Sapphire Nine Technique: Mixed media from the series “journey of numbers” 2015 © Marina Kanavaki   Sapphire Nine is also designed on … Continue reading

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