on a full moon…

Sometimes things happen that throw us off course.
I apologize from my friends for my absence.

I will be back soon.


A Beautiful and Happy Full Moon to Everyone

full moon october 2014 © marina kanavaki

“Full Moon October 2014” Digital painting © 2014 Marina Kanavaki

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  1. A Moon’s Blessing Of Love

    The moon dressed itself very perfectly
    Within the dark crystal blue of the sky
    He found the moment so refreshing
    That he found his eyes begin to cry

    They were not the tears of sadness
    But those of true joy he came to feel
    Because his spirit felt truly beautiful
    As the moment became so surreal

    And a heavenly rhapsody was heard
    Which reminded him of a special love
    The one which fills all of us so deeply
    From the creators hands up above

    And even though he cannot find another
    Like himself to share this awesome bliss
    He now understood his truest blessing
    For he would never be without Gods kiss.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Marina, I had to write a romantic poem for your moon, As your pictures always inspire me to write…see you when you return. Hugs and blessings!

  2. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

    moon over/after (something or someone):

    to spend too much time thinking about or looking at (someone or something that you admire or want very much)

    *All the girls in the class are mooning over the handsome new teacher.

    *fans mooning after movie stars

    *Mark Armstrong is mooning over Marina Kanavaki’s latest exquisite creation.

    Yes, I think that last example sums it up, all right… : )

  3. All my love to you Marina … please do take care of you, I miss you my dear friend but want you well, happy, and the lovingly, beautiful, creative spirit, that you are! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Somehow my comment was posted as “Anonymous”. I said, “No need to apologize about having a life beyond the blogosphere, Marina. Lovely watercolor. I hope you’re well.”

  5. No need to apologize about having a life beyond the blogosphere, Marina. Lovely watercolor. I hope you’re well.

  6. An affectionate hug… may reach you, Marina. This is a very strange and sad time for me too (I told you about Ebano…) but I make myself strong trying to look ahead keeping the beautiful moments of past memories.
    I love you Claudine

  7. Exquisite festival of colors which penetrate the inner self with serenity,.the sunrise reflects the new birth of another day in our lives.Jalal

  8. Dear Marina, a beautiful painting, nice colours. I’m happy to see your work again and a sign of you! I was already going to write you, slightly worried. Hope everything is ok… If not and I can help you, just let me know. xx

  9. Marina… these are beautiful.. and I have always found the ‘Off Course’ events usually are there to throw us back in line.. even though at the time we can’t quite see it…
    Glad to see you.. and take all the time you need… Remember YOU are the important one… And those who love you will still be here ready to give you a hug.. xox ❤ xxx

  10. So glad to hear from you, I was starting to get worried – hope you are well. I am just heading out the door to get a shot of the blood moon, just showed itself and we have the perfect view! Fantastic painting – love the richness of the scene and glowing moon. Great to see you again Marina!

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