Happy March!

A very Happy March everyone!

Our album was released yesterday!
As promised, here is the album artwork* of Etheras [Αιθέρας]


MK-O ETHERAS outer cover


*Artwork: on a full moon

Soon we’ll have it up for digital distribution.

I’ll leave you with a video of one song from the album:
Awakening [Ξύπνημα]

and in the words of someone who’ll be missed:

“Live Long and Prosper”


Band page

you may also find us here:

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  1. “Live logs and prosper”– yes, I remember that! The old TV show about the space lumberjack, right? He’d cut down a tree on a different planet each week, then give that funny ‘V’ sign for victory… : )

    Wow!! I love “Awakening”!! It awakened my senses to new sounds, new beauty, and a new world where all is sweetness and light!! I’m predicting it will hit #1 on the Global Hit Parade, and that MK and O will soon be besieged by besotted fans, autograph seekers, and marketers who want to put their faces on cereal boxes!! Gosh!! I see a lot of excitement in their future– and they sure deserve it!! : )

    Wonderful art, great song, lovely video, my dear Marina– sing praise, Mt. Olympus, sing praise!! : )

    • Yes, that show! Alas, that space lumberjack is no more. He has departed for another galaxy.
      Ah, my dear friend, the fans are yet to be …awakened, but wait, we are honored by the one and only Mark Armstrong, the famous illustrator who has clients cuing up, so, we are complete!
      Thank you, my dear dear friend! 🙂

  2. Happy March, dear Marina ⭐ … The album artwork of Etheras is awesome (even more considering it is in Greek!)… I am listening to the song right now and it is very cool 😎
    Congratulations!… Hugs! Aquileana 😀

  3. Marina!! Big congratulations again on the album release! The artwork is great too – and the songs wow the talent there speaks for itself!! Wishing you so much success ❤

  4. Liebe Marina der Frühling kommt am Sonntag mit aller Macht und es soll sehr warm werden und das ist wunderbar ein super Wochenende wünsche ich dir Klaus in Freundschaft

  5. Heartiest congratulations dear Marina. Heard the sound track its so beautiful I detect a slight trace of Indian classical – but could be just my imagination. 🙂 The artwork is outstanding.

  6. Marina, the artwork is gorgeous as always! And the music such a beautiful surprise. I love the selection you’ve shared and I am definitely interested in a CD. I’m very impressed.

  7. Obviously I’m way behind the times. So exciting! Love this track. Sooooooo worth the wait!!!!.
    How do I order a CD?

  8. Fantastic fusion of sound and art Marina! Love the use of the recurring circular motif. Great job…congratulations! 🙂

  9. Happy March Marina 🙂 😉
    It is already snowing again here
    but it won’t stick I don’t think 🙂

    Have a wonderful start to your Monday 🙂

    Andro xxx

  10. Congratulations to you Marina! Fantastic and great sound with your new album, going back to listen more. Love the tracks and perfect art cover! Wishing you much success with this beautiful work of art!!

    • Mary, my dear friend, thank you so much for your kind kind words! it makes me so happy that you are enjoying listening to our music! Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂 xx

      • It is noisy here at the moment, so I want to take some time tomorrow to really enjoy the sounds. I’m thrilled for you my friend! Are you ready for a break yet?

  11. I love the video and music. Congratulations, Marina! I see you making your dreams come true. It’s a joy to have found you! “Live Long and Prosper”

  12. Hi dear Marina,
    It is long time I haven’t been in WordPress.
    Beautiful painting,colors as always and also congrats on your new album😘❤️
    Happy, happy March to you too my dear friend😘
    Sending you love and hugs,

    • Ah, thank you, Donna. Yes, it does but it’s fun, so the ‘reward’ is in the actual process! So happy you liked the …’package’. Have a great week ahead and a wonderful March! 🙂

  13. Wow! great to hear about the release of your album.. 🙂 Congratulations! A very happy March to you too, Marina!

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