A beam of Light

A spark

a ray

a beam of light

a fire

piercing the sky

Procol Harum

Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)

from their album Grand Hotel

This war we are waging is already lost
The cause for the fighting has long been a ghost
Malice and habit have now won the day
The honours we fought for are lost in the fray

Standards and bugles are trod in the dust
Wounds have burst open, and corridors rust
Once proud and truthful, now humbled and bent
Fires which burnt brightly, now energies spent

Let down the curtain, and exit the play
The crowds have gone home and the cast sailed away
Our flowers and feathers as scarring as weapons
Our poems and letters have turned to deceptions

Wishing everyone

a beautiful Sunday

and week ahead!

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  1. Love the song, Marina, and those shots are incredible! Wow! We can never have too many photos of the sun rising or setting, nor too many of the sky and clouds. Love, Love, Love! xoxoxo


    • Nothing a little acrylic can’t fix! Getting my brushes and paint tubes right now! I just hope mother nature cooperates!
      I’m going to need a hand though because I hear she loves humor. I call Mark Armstrong to the rescue!!!!

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  2. Hi Marina- after being away for years what a perfect post to come back to. Yes the era of malice and habit is coming to a close. The children of today even the 50-year-olds seem to be brimming over with a positive outlook coming from hearts full of love. Love is power. Carla

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