Outing Incognito by Timothy Price at Off Center & Not Even

Having my ‘own’ tree and in the company of other beautiful friends trees is just wonderful, but when Tim posts about ‘my’ Incognito Tree with such gorgeous photos and a brilliant composition / image I’m left speechless!

For those who know Tim:

Please visit his place to see what he’s done with this amazing tree!

For those who don’t:

Please visit his place to get acquainted. You’ll thank me! 😉

Either way:

Please visit!

Marina’s Incognito tree blends in nicely with the black bamboo.

While spies come in from the cold, the Incognito tree has been outed by the cold.

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And something that reminds me of his composition

As Above So Below No9 © Marina Kanavaki • watercolor • 13x13cm

Thank you, Tim & Happy Tuesday everyone!

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    • Oh, Rebecca, I can’t tell you how much this means to me! Thank you, my dearest friend. Tim’s photography is just so beautiful and I love what he did with ‘my’ Incognito Tree!
      Many hugs back and xoxo

  1. Your Incognito Tree is fabulous!
    What would we do without Tim’s magic Trees!

  2. Just a beautiful composition by Tim Marina….. Such beauty, Trees say it all for me… Holding their magic, their serenity, peace, and grace…. Reaching to the heavens while being grounded in the Earth… Many thanks for sharing Tim’s beautiful photo…. And love your painting…
    Have a wonderful week ❤

  3. Wonderful Marina. Your “As Above So Below No9” is one of the inspirations for the Over/Under trees.

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