Lights weaving the sea…

Lights weaving

a delicate web

with the sea

Drawing lessons continue

with my camera.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Beautiful images, Marina!!!!
    Thank you for these sweet pics!
    Apparently, although this post is a week old,I am in time to woof you a wonderful weekend!!!

    ❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof❦ woof
    (There’s some in there for Hera, too!)

    • Yes you are in time!!!!! Thank you… from Hera too who’s also looking forward to it!!!!
      Hugs Love Kisses
      and woofs, slobbery kisses and tail wags!!!!

  2. Marina, thank you for sharing these calming photos. It’s like I was just engulfed into a wave of meditation while focusing on your images. These are wonderful and soothing! What brought you to capture these images?

    • Aww, thank you so much for such a beautiful comment! I’ve always been drawn to the sea. I can sit and watch it for hours, so this was just one way of ‘interacting’ with it (or her, sea in greek is female). So I started ‘painting’ with my camera. 🙏😊

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