Happy June [2022]!

Water Chalk No6 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: watercolour & chalk pastels Dimensions: 13x21cm [unframed]


Playing with chalk pastels and watercolors for June [6]

with the months colors

[Light Blue, White & Cream]


…and selected details as a journey within! 😉


Happy June everyone!


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  1. June is indeed the sixth month now, but did you know that for the ancient Romans (who named the month after their goddess Juno) it was the fourth month in their calendar? They later added January and February before March, thereby bumping the other months two places down the line. (That accounts for what now seems the misnumbering of September, October, November, and December).

  2. I LOVE entering a new month of possibilities with you, Marina. Your artwork inspires me to see the beauty in ordinary moments. Much love coming your way.

  3. Happy June to you, too!
    I say it this way, as it is June two.
    I was trying to work in a tutu, too.
    However, if I keep trying to figure it out, it will be a three three.
    Love ya dahling!!!!!

  4. Ah a new month, thanks to mark it with your beautiful art Marina, hopefully June will bring many good things and many new pieces of art…:)

  5. Great chalky texture. 💖 it. And, like, wow. Almost half way, already…


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