World Lion Day 2013


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excerpt from World Lion Day 2013 Campaign page

Guarding our temples, adorning our flags, decorating our coins and capturing our hearts, the lion is beyond doubt the world’s most iconic species.  On almost every continent, and in thousands of cultures, the lion can be found demonstrating man’s fascination with this magnificent beast.

Despite the lions’ symbolic importance throughout the ages, today they are suffering from a silent extinction across Africa and India.  Knowledge of the King of Beasts’ plight is little known.

World Lion Day is the first global campaign to celebrate the importance of the lion worldwide. Since the dawn of man the lion has played an integral role in our lives: symbolically, religiously, culturally, economically and biologically. To lose the lion from our world would be to lose part of our global heritage.

Wherever you may be, join us on August 10th 2013 to celebrate the lion, create much needed conservation awareness and help us save the King of Beasts and his kingdom.

I didn’t know about this. I am very grateful to GREAT CATS OF THE WORLD which is where I learned about it. I encourage you to visit their site.
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  1. Sorry I’m late for this, Marina, but what a beautiful post for such beautiful animals. I truly hope extinction doesn’t become reality for them. It’s so very sad…but thank you for making us aware. xxx

  2. AWESOME! World Lion Day !!! 🙂 I just tweeted it! It is very important that ALL Cats of all sizes are treated with respect. We rescue many cats, and some we keep (well, too many) and they become family members. Others, we rescue, get them healthy and then try to find them homes. The abuse of Cats (and dogs also) here, is heart-breaking, really. I’m not sure what kind of ‘black-hearts’ people have who mistreat animals: Do they believe that animals have less feelings than humans? Do they think that animals feel less pain when they are abused and hurt and mistreated? If these abusers do think like this, then, well, maybe there is a special place in Hell for these animal abusers…perhaps there is…maybe animal and people abusers (tyrants of all types) will one day find out and reap what they sow.

    Thank you Marina for your very kind and caring heart! 🙂

    • I know, Nawfal, I wonder too what kind of people mistreat animals, as I wonder about animal testing, animals used for fashion, poaching and so many “humane” acts of “human” beings!
      One way or another, we shall all reap what we sow.
      Our doggy is also a rescue and living like a princess now!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!
      Have a beautiful Monday and new week!

  3. What a wonderful post this is!
    My grandson is 9 today, and oh-so-proud to be a LEO lion like his grandfather, and I didn’t even know that this is world lion day! Thank you. I’ll be back!

  4. I come from a Lion state (Only place out side of Africa where Lions are found in natural habitat) and I didn’t know about this day! Thanks for the enlightenment 🙂

  5. I did not know about this day, thanks for telling us will visit the site, what a beautiful day!
    Let celebrate!

  6. Thanks for the reminder, Marina…a deserving one. Last time I was at Gir in India, came back empty – no sights though found comfort in sightings report when friends visited there in peak summer. Humanity needs them in the wild for sure !!

  7. I’ve reblogged this if that’s okay? I tickled a lion cub’s belly at a lion sanctuary in South Africa. It’s going to feature in my next book. So cute!

    • Of course it’s okay and thank you!!
      Jealous!! Everytime I watch the ‘lion whisperer’ hugging a lion I wish it was me in his place! 🙄
      Sad what is happening though…

  8. Thanks for this special post Marina. It would be such a tragedy if the lion goes the cheetah way in India. We just have about 400 of them left. I have yet to see any big cat in the wild 😉

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