at the beach with style!

Off to the beach?
Enjoy it in style!  🙂


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  1. I miss the beach – not much of it in the middle of Bangladesh! But when I return to the UK we live on the coast and I can enjoy it all over again 🙂 I loved this painting – so realistic!

  2. Wonderful header, Marina, and a very beautiful ensemble. I’m not sure I can choose a favorite, but I do like “the Woods” and then all of the flowers…so perfect for a day at the beach. I’m playing catch up because I know I’ve missed much of your lovely work. Many hugs to you…

  3. Andrea, thank you very much for your visit, kind words and …all those likes you left!! Thank you! 🙂
    You too have a beautiful Friday.
    PS Already visited and following!

  4. Good morning
    Her paintings have earned many likes because they are so beautiful.
    Also their art images are very great, the creator produces it from his soul what the other artists are back in there see mirrored.And an artist releases always something off his chest when the artist paints, also I’ve doing a lot with art.
    Have my older articles found themselves in reader myself?
    Let work on the images and then choose with liken.
    I have many Himmerlbider and I tell much about my life as it was…
    I can write Yes, that you for an article in English what I’ve written if you want.
    Have fun on my blog.
    Wish you a beautiful Friday.
    And thank you for visiting nice.
    Sincerely Andrea

          • ok…i need a shoulder to lean on again….
            you know what? i have learnt one thing in my life…but it came a bit late….and its that the quiet ones get zilch in life….the ones who make the most noise…they get everything, whether they know something or not!
            i spent too many years being ever so proud of my education, of being able to speak more eloquently, of being able to understand more subjects than the next man….but said nothing….yet those who knew far less than me…in some instances, actually asked me how things were done…then went on to tell somebody higher up that they knew how things were done….then, those very same people came back a few months later, as my managers…telling me what to do…when i had told them in the first place how things were done…you get the idea!
            moral…if you think you know something…even if its very little…make a noise about it…make a very big noise about it…make sure everybody sees and hears you…..and you’ll prosper….the quiet ones get trampled, period!

            • I know exactly what you mean. However can we really change who we are? And for what? Don’t you think those people know?
              No one can escape from his/her own judgement – sooner or later.
              I’m a person of silence. I enjoy it. I may not “have everything”, the way you mean it, but I am happy inside.
              It’s the “core” that matters, my friend, so this “shoulder” says: let them be and smile!
              However foolish it may sound…

              • wow…thats one helluva thing youve said there!
                those words are priceless..
                but you know….what i am trying to say is this….all these high-earners, technocrats, oligarchs, tycoons, actors, actresses et al…they all have one thing in common….they are NOT content to sit back and let someone else hug the limelight…they are all driven….which is not a bad thing…BUT…here’s the thing….their achievements are usually, not always, usually at the expense of somebody else…maybe their own folk, or their friends or colleagues etc….
                i too am a person of silence (perhaps thats a trait of “people of silence” sit and mull over their lack of progress maybe!), and i like it, but it has gotten me nowhere…..everyone i knew have moved on, in financial terms at least….and as i mentioned, it was me who taught some of them….!
                and i agree…it IS the core that matters at the end of the day….but as far as the world is concerned, that core matters zilch to them, doesn’t it? far as theyre concerned, its what youve achieved in life, not how good your core is….thats what ive found anyways….but it takes a very strong person to be able to sit and say “let them be..and smile”
                you obviously are a much stronger, more robust person than i am….!

                • Wow! Well, I don’t know whether I am strong or robust!!!! I don’t believe in passive silence. We can be driven, through silence, can we not?! Coincidentally, I had the privilege of knowing a very good photographer here in Athens, who’s studio [in his time] was a school for many many others. Most of the “others” left him after steeling some of his clients and opened their own business. At his funeral [rest his soul] very very few of them showed up. Today, most of these “others” have very little work and are what we cal “no marks”. The photographer of the story is however always mentioned as an influential master of photography. No message in there really, I just happened to remember it. Point is, be content with who you are [I know you are BTW!]. Those small victories every time we get to become a little better, are priceless! 🙂

                  • yes..that story really encapsulates what i mean, marina….ive seen examples of it so many times in my life….at one point, i was even back-stabbed by my own parents and siblings…thats a private thing anyways but i think it deserves a mention here seeing as we are talking in general….
                    so you see, thats the reason why sometimes you may have noticed my posts have a kind of a philosophical air….in other words, you try to help everyone and anyone, and you get kicked in the butt for it!
                    you are right in saying that i am generally content, but at times when i look back, i often think i could have been better had i not kept quiet and suffered being kicked so many times, so many years ago!
                    ..and with that, i will put my violin away and get on with the weekend! thank you for your shoulder once again, marina.!

    • I also find refuge in imagination, my dear Elena. In many ways it is so much better. For one it is perfect! 🙂
      [words of a true introvert!]
      Happy Thursday, my dear and happy surfing, wherever or however!!

  5. Marina I am not going to tell you how good it is like the rest up here.. I am going to say Wowwww! You have super art work and taste I can see a brand! fantastic! I am glade I did not jumped in when I saw the water… somehow I knew I had to wait and see your special collection before I jump in.

  6. I went to the beach again on Sunday, now had I had those, I would have gone In style… 🙂 love these Marina….. Very Creative… 🙂
    Wishing you a creative week, Much love your way… 🙂 xxxx Sue

  7. I second the above commenter – your work has a straightforward honesty which creates the wow impact. p.s. popped into your society6 – loved paths of colour

  8. πολύτιμο-επίθετο
    πλούσιο, πολυτελές
    χρήσιμο, αξίζει
    ευγενείς, πολύτιμα, λεπτή, αριστοκρατική, γενναίος, βασιλική
    όμορφα, ωραία, καλά, όμορφα, όμορφα,

  9. Wow Really loved visiting your blog it is so unique and colorful and I am amazed to see your paintings ! So creative and Lovely…!! Excellent work !

  10. These are beautiful, Marina, and what a lovely selection. My favorite is “the woods IV.” I really like the tones in that one!
    Have a great day, my sweet friend!

  11. Your art is always amazing – like your presentation cards …. but the beach painting is my favorite. Love the movement in the image.

  12. Wow! What a fabulous and clever way to show beach style!! I love them all and would feel very stylish carrying any and all of your beautiful art, Marina! Have a wonderful day! 🙂 ~xoxo!

  13. Fabulous pieces Marina, real nice header with the rocks and sea foam in the background! The watermelon bursts is an awesome design – totally works on the flip flop!

    • Ah, thank you, Mary. It was a photo I took from an amazing beach with black pebbles and increddibly crystal clear waters. I’m glad you like my watermelon bursts!

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