MK-O site ready!



MK-O site is ready.

You can visit our band page here

or click any of the following 3 buttons to go directly to each album

MK-O bftwn album button   MK-O unreel album button  MK-O ovation album button

I have a little request to make of my good friends!

As the MK-O site is new and has been constantly upgrading,

I managed [don’t ask!] to loose my subscriptions!

Would it be too much to ask, those of you who did subscribe, to re enter?

To those who haven’t yet… IT’S SAFE!!  🙂


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  1. Awesome wonderful 🙂 Congrats, Marina. WOW you’ve been busy.

    I’m listening RIGHT NOW to the sample you have up of MK-O: EON. Loving it…

    • Thank you, my dear!!!! Eon was our very first collaboration where we were equally involved in the composition, so I am very happy you like this one – especially, Noeleen!

  2. Maria! Feel free to delete this comment, but I have to first tell you that the title of your album is very offensive to some people in the US.

    • Jen, let us not be racist with words. Deleting a word from the vocabulary -the “N-word” in this case- is as if someone wishes to delete history and forget. Why should they?
      Also I do not think anyone was offended by the following songs:
      ‪Rock n Roll Nigger‬ by Patti Smith
      Woman Is the Nigger of the World by John Lennon

      • Wow, that was an interesting exchange. Firstly, I don’t see that word anywhere. Am I blind or WHAT?! Next, I didn’t know either of those songs you commented. ‘Woman is the Nigger of the World’, I can understand what that’s meaning, but the Patti Smith one I don’t understand.

        It’s a horrible, horrible, horrible time in history, that is.

  3. Well darn it all, Marina. It’s telling me you’ve exceeded your bandwidth limit. At least I was able to subscribe before I was booted. Will come back later and explore some more. I am soooo happy for you. Can’t wait! I already know how wonderful your music is!!!! Will spread the word … Have an excellent weekend, Much love to you, dear friend, Penny 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Congratulations on your new site dear Marina!
    I’ve just listen to musics there and wawww, so creative and original ❤
    Best wishes for you both ❤

  5. I didn’t even know that you are into this 😦 But of course, why not 🙂 I have known you as a gifted painter already, so if you turn out to be into this- I shouldn’t be surprised right? 🙂

    Will definitely look around the site and leave a review !
    Feeling blessed to have come across you 🙂

  6. Marina, I have just listened to some of your excellent music, Good Luck with your New Music site Your Music and video’s are so unique and original. I am at the moment listening to November-Ovation Big smiles 🙂 And much love to you xox

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