marina’s xmas tree #12

Marina Kanavaki

…tis the season!

…and the month of happy trees just a few days from Christmas!

marinasxmastree12©marina kanavaki

Marina’s Xmas Tree #12

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13x13cm

from Marina’sChristmas watercolor art 2012 © marina kanavaki


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  1. Loved this – as always your art is wonderful. Wish I’d seen the post earlier so I could have enjoyed the picture in my bare and rapidly emptying home in Bangladesh :-/

  2. Hi marina-

    I can see your brush charging across the canvas or paper, the subtle nuance of color, shading, all that make an artist see things differently.

    Very nice work, as always

  3. I kind of like my trees outdoors, but a tree like this one of yours Marina, I would have indoors all year round. I love it…! You have that light touch that seems to get it right every time. JJ

    • Awwww, that is so nice, Jean-Jacques!! I agree with you on the outdoors trees! I like them too, so the ones I did were from another kind of ‘outdoors’! Thank you so much for your very flattering words! 🙂

  4. kalimera, marina! te kanis? long time, no speaky! great artwork here yet again…but i suppose ur fed up of having to hear that same old-same old thing everytime, huh? mark of a genius for sure! and im not joking…u know that.

    • good evening, Jak! I’m about to slow down my blogging activities as we are moving to a new house – mid January, so lots to do + holidays. Fed up? No – never!!! Apart from giving me tomato colored cheeks it gives me a kick in the butt to be better, or else… no rest for the wicked!!! 😆 Thanks, my friend. All well with you?

      • tomato colored cheeks, haha! at least u hav a fabulous sense of humor too!
        great u told me about the house i’d probably end up wondering whatever happened to you if you dont reply LOL!
        well, as u say, im also slowing right down now…will gradually pick the pieces up in the New Year…good luck with the move and best wished for ur new abode, marina!

  5. O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree–!
    Christmas tree, you are a win-ner!
    And that’s because, O Christmas tree
    You were painted by Ma-RIN-er!!

    Your lovely branches shine so bright!
    Giving off translucent light!
    Marina’s work lights up the night
    And drives away the chill of win-ter!!

    I took one look at your lovely tree and simply burst into song! I feel sorry for Christmas Tree #13, though– he’s got a very tough act to follow… : )

    • Oh…. singing along with you [backing vocals!]. You have made MaRINer ever so happy and she says to reassure you that all those little trees come from the same forest, They are quite happy with each other! …Trees and her shall go on singing now merrily: “O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree–”… 🙂

    • I actually liked the bug hugs! 😉 Thank you, Adam. I haven’t “entered” the holiday season yet but I’m sure I will soon! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! 🙂 Hugs back.

  6. Sorry just screamed at wordpress… nothing to do with you.. actually yes it was.. why I don’t get those beautiful work again? is that the tree that we need to sit under the day after??? Now I saw it I am fore it.. love your pure colours… like jewelry.

      • You are right F1 driver.. I whisper and you are on my case.. you are right it is not about how quick but to see! and with you no one can race anyway… ho nop no chance.. speedy marinagonzales 🙂

          • Relocation….!!!? I did not think there will be any service to Mars during the holiday. But where ever you go we are watching you… Have a good break and no doubt we will see some design and earth rumbling in 2014. I can feel the ground start shaking now.. see you soon 🙂

            • Albeit a trip to Mars does sound tempting, it’s only a change of home. We’re moving to a new one in a month and that means really transforming to speedy gonzales!! PS Because Greece has occasional earthquakes, I sincerely hope that the ground doesn’t move!!! 🙄
              See you soon!!! 🙂

              • Not surprise the ground is moving under your feet.. I mean in a good way. Did not hear many earthquakes in your part of the world always thought your neighbours Turkey get it more.. But hey watch it… if it is start shaking take the family and catch a flight over. I think we start living in a voltile world and mother earth is angry. Don’t worry we will be watching over.. Whats safer in the new place.. you don’t move to a cave house? I have a friend who live in amazing one in Spain. You stay safe as we can’t do with otu you! x

                • Oh, thank you, Doron! I hope it’s safe, it’s the last floor! Anyway, since our grande 1981 7R earthquake, all buildings are constructed to endure. We’ve had one more that big since then… No matter how many of them you experience, I don’t think you ever get used to the creepy sub sound of the earth moving! Of course you are right about earth being angry. We haven’t been such gallant or kind inhabitants…

                  • Interesting stay safe no one ever get used to what is that beyond our control. Hope you wont experience it again. But who are we to run the world… I saw a program on those new building in and around the world build to sastain the shock.. I understood what I saw but was not sure how it is going to work in real time, lets hope we don’t need to be the one who test them. Have a great evening doubt anything will happened tonight….

    • 😆 laughing, as my hands [yes, both!!!] love swirling over the paper! Thank you so much, my dear friend and that feeling is mutual! I am awed by your art also – but you already know that! 🙂

  7. You’re the one in which your securities and insecurities,joining ,you have created.
    You are the direct result of choices that have compromised a given destiny, in favor of another completely different.
    You are because, fortunately, you were born.

    The change is not impossible.
    The change responds to your desire to be reborn in a woman always better, amazingly beautiful.
    The change part of your eyes, the way you see the world outside and the world inside yourself: inside your soul.
    Here is the tree that, at Christmas, reflecting your eyes.
    You are what, until now, have you wanted to be.
    You have chosen to change, you chose to be someone new, different, better “in your tree.”
    Nurture good that you care what they do not like.
    Not for others, not for now, maybe not for a future that will be: for yourself and for us who live thanks to your art.
    Because the future depends only on your hands, hands and heart of fairy.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear Marina.
    Εύχομαι σε μια υπέροχη Χριστούγεννα και μια υπέροχη Πρωτοχρονιά.
    με ειλικρίνεια

    (Click this link: is for You. Bye)

    • Γιατί, στη φωτογραφία έγραψα: “Χριστίνα Καναβάκη.” Έλεος, τη συγχώρεση και την χάρη. Η Χριστίνα είναι μου … “σκύλος”! Σας έχω χαϊδεύοντας ενώ έγραφα. Πρόκειται για ένα «ολίσθημα της γλώσσας»; Μια αγκαλιά.

  8. Marina, how very beautiful and festive! Tis the season indeed, especially with your beautiful products, making it even so much more special! Bravo for such a beautiful collection! ~xxxxx

    • A bit of a roller coaster as too much is happening [one of which is moving house – now planned for January] but otherwise fine. I wish you very very happy holidays and all the best health wise. May things go better and better… 🙂 xx

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