9 days of gifts: day 9

Today is the final day of … ‘nifty gifties’!
9 deals day 9
closing this 9 day sale,
today only
20% everything!


A great Monday and week to everyone! 🙂


20 Responses to “9 days of gifts: day 9”
  1. gageier says:

    Liebe Marina eine gute Nacht und schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir in Freundschaft Klaus

  2. The Hook says:

    You operate on another level, young lady.
    Well done.

  3. Resa says:

    I’m excited for my friends to unwrap their Poppy travel mugs on Christmas Day. Also, I will wear my Poppy leggings that day! Thank you, Marina!

    • Awwwwwwww……. if only there was a way I could actually see this!!! 😉 Thank you, my sweet friend. You are a treasure!
      ps. let me know what they think! 🙂
      hugs and love xxxx

  4. Got it at last, Marina. The 9 green ones have slipped down into the 20% off banner. *feeling relieved* RH

  5. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I’ve just bought myself a little print for Christmas, the woods 1 pink!

  6. Sue says:

    Thanks, Marina! I have ordered a present for a friend

  7. frizztext says:

    nice action Marina, my gift to you:

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