mk & o 89-98

Time for a musical post…

…and a short trip down memory lane!
There was a time, my husband [Oannes] and I hadn’t met and followed solo musical careers, before creating our duet, MK-O.
Looking back at videos during those years, we came up with a couple of live performances.
Fan to watch after all those years [at least to us].
So here they are:
socratis@rodon    socratis@rodon2
Socratis [aka Oannes], on keyboards/voice, with his bandBlue Light’ performing live at Rodon Live, in 1989

Full ‘Blue Light’ album:

• and yours truly, introducing songs from my first album “Pote & Tipota” [“Never and Nothing” – to be recorded a year later for Virgin/EMI], at Gennadius Library, in honor of the poet, Elias Petropoulos [whose poems I put music to], in 1998.

marina@gennadius3   marina@gennadius5

[friendly warning to anyone suffering with motion sickness: please watch with caution!]

Full ‘Pote & Tipota’ album, was uploaded at an earlier post, here: A musical Monday [as well as our first MK-O album ‘Ovation’]

band e-mail:

Weekend is almost here…

Enjoy the rest of the week and a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Wow, wow, wow!! I’m so late getting here (blush, blush!), and now I’m really kicking myself (a difficult maneuver, even for a nimble chap like me) because little did I know I was missing an incredible concert by The Painting Goddess Herself!! This is absolutely amazing!!!! 🎳💥

    My dear Marina!! You have achieved that most elusive of aestheticisms which combines art, beauty, poetry, music, and performance!! In fact, the only other time I’ve seen it done is when I walked out into my own backyard the other morning and sang I’m Called Little Buttercup, scaring all the birds and squirrels! Yes– it’s very rare!! 🎨🌹⭐️🎤🎭🏆

    True the video camera trembled a lot– but so did I!! In fact, I’m still shaking with deep emotion!! You looked so lovely and radiant and sang so beautifully. What a haunting, ethereal voice you have! No wonder that when you hum to yourself as you paint, all the songbirds on Mt. Olympus flock to your studio and take notes!! Poor devils– they just can’t compete!! 🐔🐤🐦🐧🚽

    It looked like a full house, and the audience seemed totally mesmerized. So was I, just watching the film!! If I’d been there in person, I know I would have swooned, and then there would have been paramedics and an ambulance driver in the video– not good, dear me, no… 😳😍☺️🚑

    Still, I wish I could have been there– definitely a magical moment in musical history! Absolutely thrilling, my dear Marina! Thank you for sharing and sending my red blood cells racing– definitely good for my circulatory system!! 😊

    • Ohhhhhhhh….. my dearest Mark, a thousand apologies for the shakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I feel a certain numbness rendering me speechless and motionless after reading your comment. I’ll give you a hint: 😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳😊🙄😳 x ∞ [I can’t seem to find a ‘proper’ blushing face!!!!!!]
      I better go hide now as the redness shows no signs of leaving my face! 😉
      T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!!!!

  2. Marina, just wanted to say I truly respect you and your husband. You 2 are just phenomenal musical talents and geniuses. 🙂

    I love your husbands music and his voice is awesome. My kind of genre of taste. 🙂

    And your performance is incredible and wow! You have a fantastic voice and the music is so dark, eerie, and experimental, that’s what I love about music. 🙂

    I’m currently listening to your album: Marina Kanavaki POTE & TIPOTA -2004.

    🙂 I show strong support. 🙂

    • Ah, Charlie, you are so kind, my dear friend! Thank you on behalf of both! I can’t tell you how happy I am you enjoyed our performances [especially Socratis’ and I agree with you about his voice and music!] Hope you enjoyed ‘Pote & Tipota’ [Never & Nothing].
      We are truly grateful for your support. It means a lot! [but you know that! 😉 ]

  3. A beautiful voice… and you looked alike a Greek Godess (clad in black instate of white) 🙂
    It’s so special to look back into the past, Marina. Thank you for sharing it with us… Wish you a lovely night, hugs and kisses :-)c

  4. Completely fascinating,the two entirely different musical journies you were both on before you met. I enjoyed both performances very much but especially your edgy, avant guard interpretation of Elias Petropoulos’ poetry. I would have loved to have been able to watch you perform but ohhh, the video was simply too challenging so I darkened the screen and just listened to you through headphones. A special treat Marina, thank you…

    • lol I know, I got dizzy first time round when I watched it! 😉 It was recorded by a friend and as this was the first time something like that was presented at a library, the organizers hadn’t planned for extra spaces, corridors etc so it was quite a challenge for the camera too! 😉 These were the very first versions of the songs later recorded here:
      Years later when I see it I kind of laugh at my slightly sadistic codas! 😉
      Thank YOU, my friend.

  5. Oh Marina! How delightful to hear the two of you. I honestly didn’t know your musical career and background, so this was both a surprise and an honest treat! You have a beautiful voice. I am so glad you shared this with us!

    • Ah, thank you, Debra. That is so nice to hear. I’ve been a ‘split’ personality[!] since I can remember myself! My love for both music and painting has only grown greater [almost equally] so there would be no point in focusing on just one. I’m so happy you were pleasantly surprised! Have a lovely weekend, my dear! 🙂

  6. Wonderful listening to both your early performances and then knowing that today your connection together has become one. From the instrumental to the amazing clear sound range of your beautiful voice, Marina this was truly a treat for me today. Very special my friend ~

  7. Marina! Worlds collided when you 2 got together, and what a great fusion it became. Thanks for this retro sound treat! Big Hugs for big talents! xoxo

    • Oh, I’m so happy you enjoyed the little sound travel and ever so happy you like the fusion! A fusion we feel very “at home” in. 😉 Many many hugs to you and much much love, my dear friend! + xxxxxxxxxxxx multiplied 🙂

  8. Great music, great post! Back then you both had very different styles, but nevertheless awesome and now combined is even better! Destiny pulled you together in perfect harmony! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your interesting journey 🙂

  9. What a double Treat you have given us Marina.. Loved each of the video’s my friend.. And it has been my delight to watch both performances of musical talent.. Destiny always playing its roll of linking those musical talents together 🙂
    Your voice holds such purity within those high notes… 🙂 loved my visit today Marina.. ❤

    • Awwww… thank you so much, my dear dear Sue! Destiny indeed and I’m so grateful and happy for its intervention! 😉 I know how precious time is to everyone – so glad you enjoyed, my sweet friend! 🙂 xxxxxx

      • I did.. and I will let you into a secret before I share it within a post soon.. I am learning to play guitar 🙂 all be it pretty primitive right now.. Never too old to learn an old dog new tricks as they say … But I have been working with the chords for a month now.. about an hour a day.. My fret hand is sore but my fingers are hardening … 🙂 and I am having FUN!!! but shusssh… 🙂 for now LOL.. hehe

  10. A very interesting look-back at a time before the partnership. My ear hears the individual concepts that each of your provide in MK-O. Thanks for the tune machine journey.

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