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14:39 UTC  [04:39EET] February 8, 2016 • New Moon
Losar Tashi Delek, to those celebrating the New Year.
So February is here and a New Moon too.
With a rather indecisive weather [snowing one day, warm and sunny the next],
the 29 day month [leap year], moves forward heralding Spring.

This month’s colors: Purple, Light blue and Yellow

February Birthstones: Amethyst*, Bloodstone, Onyx and Moonstone

Flowers associated with February: Violet & Primrose

Word of the month: Sincerity

Astrological signs: Aquarius and Pisces

*hence the title: “Amethyst Two”
February is believed to have derived from the name ‘Februa’ [Roman ‘Festival of Purification’].
Speaking of the shortest month of the year, February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.
On number two:
• It is the smallest and the first prime number, and the only even prime number
• The first magic number.
• The atomic number of helium.
For more information on the number two, visit Bumba‘s page here: TWO  and some more on TWO

Also visit Frank‘s Salutes To Numbers [February is his Birth month too so make sure you read the numbers to find out! 😉 ]

February is also the month of Love [or so they say]
Any hidden[!] symbols in my February image, are purely …coincidental!  😉

so here it is:

Amethyst Two

Amethyst Two l©Marina Kanavaki

Amethyst Two © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: mixed media [Indian ink and oil on colored tissue paper, digitally edited]

from the series “journey of numbers” © 2016



simpleFrameEngine Amethyst-Two_art


amethyst-two-ejo-framed-prints  amethyst-two-ejo-canvas

[museum quality printing and framing]

Amethyst Two is also designed on various products!

here’s a glimpse:

amethyst-two-ejo-long-sleeve-tshirts  amethyst-two-ejo-leggings amethyst-two-ejo-all-over-print-shirts

amethyst-two-ejo-tapestries  amethyst-two-ejo-wall-clocks  amethyst-two-ejo-pillows

amethyst-two-ejo-travel-mugs-1  amethyst-two-ejo-bags-1  amethyst-two-ejo-laptop-sleeves


Visit my shop for art prints, framed or on canvas or printed on iphone cases, laptop skins & sleeves, cards, mugs, t-shirts, tank tops, v-neck tees, biker tanks, onesies, hoodies, all-over tees & leggings, tote bags, wall clocks, shower curtains, rugs, pillows, wall tapestries and duvet covers at Society6


I’ll leave you with a little musical shortlist for the month [all containing the word ‘love’]

David Bowie: Valentine’s Day  []

Simple Minds: Love Song [] • Massive Attack: Girl I love you [] • The Platters: Glory of Love [] • Bjork: All Is Full Of Love [] • Aretha Franklin: I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) [] • Cream: Sunshine of Your Love [] • Donna Summer: I Feel Love [] • Kate Bush: Oh To Be In Love [] • Ministry: Work for love [] • Stevie Wonder: Send One Your Love []

and well, this too:

My best wishes for February.

About months & numbers: Back in September 2015, inspired by Bumba’s “The Numbers Game Is Here: Mathematics for DummiesThe Whole Nine Yards, I started working on images for each month. First month was September, so this series will be completed in August 2016!

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  1. Am I the only one to notice the hidden meaning in this stunning work??

    The 2 on the right is… black! And it stays black as it twists and weaves thru life. It represents the dangers of self-involvement. Of seeing the world in black-and-white. Of reducing the world to our own stunted view!! The temptation to shield oneself from love, pain, living life to the full!!

    The reverse 2 is The Wild Tempestuous Love that overturns our anemic worldview, and sets us free!! It introduces us to color, beauty, adventure!! It shows us that there is more to life than a cheese pizza!! There are onions, pepperoni, ham, peppers, sausage, and, yes, olives!!

    The large orb: The World. Notice how the Reverse 2 changes color where it intersects with the world– it draws color from the world, and makes new color!! It also acts as a bridge to the Black 2, creating a new personal orb– a new-found World Of Love!!

    Extraordinary. Such a work, such a message could only be fashioned by one who transcends the mortal world, splashing pigment upon the airy heights of Mt. Olympus. Thank you, dear Marina, for sharing “Amethyst Two”– it’s a gem! a jewel! the work of a painter in her Prime!! 😊🏆💎🍨👽

    • I could fill this box with gifts but it wouldn’t be enough. Then I could send a flock of seagulls [!] to serenade you – still not enough. Maybe ships filled with all the treasures of this world – not enough! Summon all the angels to protect and grant you all your heart’s wishes… maybe close but still not enough. Lest we forget, I owe you a huge apology for being so late in my reply! So please accept a humble yet so very full: thank you, my friend! 🙂

      • I sit here sobbing with happiness. The room fills up with tears. I float away on a wave of ecstasy. I’m going to keep crying and see how far I can go. If I can make it to Greece, I shall sob until the floodwaters take me up to Mt. Olympus. There I shall bask in the glow of creative genius, and hopefully dry out… 😊

  2. Beautiful Marina… Your heart always shines .. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Valentines… How quickly this month is travelling 🙂 Many thanks for your beautiful creations.. 🙂

  3. The big heart in the center of the art is beautiful, Marina! I really love it, with the purple color that is one of my favorites. You have such talent! And I think Mr. Bowie would have approved ♥

  4. Every painting of yours comes as a new delight. The colours in this February treat are so imaginatively designed. Thank you dear Marina. Best regards. 🙂

  5. Your swans of love are a’swimming and spring is a’humming under puddles and leaf piles and in your so heart felt design. February Hearts to you dear Marina…

  6. Very innovative design Marina, you’re the master of design, color and composition. Each and every one of these are very unique and special, but I especially “LOVE” this.
    Happy February to you too my dear! Much love and hugs to you~Eva

    • Ah, Eva, I’m not even the master of myself but thank you so very much for your wonderful words and love!!!! Much much love to you, lovely Eva and hugs multiplied! xxxxx

  7. Three, no two cheers, for the symmetry of the two, which you capture so well, and which looks great in those clothes. I’m hard at work on the February Magazine, featuring as it does, the second month. The heart, a unity of two, love, amethysts, and your lovely work…good thing it’s a leap year.

    • Awwww…. thank you, my friend! Can’t wait to read it!
      Yes, I know – it really is a good thing it’s a leap year! I wonder why we couldn’t have a leap year with one extra month too, like a whole extra February for example! 😉
      Happy writing, Steve! 🙂

  8. ❤ I don't see any hidden symbols! I only see a big beautiful heart. ❤
    Lol, Wonderful piece, Marina & it looks great on the S6 products. David Bowie's "Love is Lost" is absolutely haunting.Hope all is well! Hugs!!!

    • Exactly – no hidden symbols!!!!!! 😆 Thank you so much, Resa!!! 🙂
      I agree, it is haunting and brilliantly performed too.
      All’s well, considering everything happening around us. We’re surviving.
      Many hugs and love to you, my sweet friend! 🙂 xxxxx

  9. Marina, Beautiful! and not only it is beautifully created and produced.

    I interpret this painting of yours as a symbol of both love and the darker side of love.
    The center of chi, the balance of who we are, the balance to unite mankind.

    Gosh! you are such an inspiration to me. I think I’ve told you this before. 🙂

    P.S I posted a new poem….And I think you’ll love it. It has everything you’d expect surrealism, Avant Garde and hallucinogen. 🙂

    • Unbelievable but this is a result of many hours work! 😉 Needless to say how much I admire your posts and all the work and effort you put in them! Thank you, my friend. Looking back at your The Musical Act for Life: Love []…
      [by the way check your link for the Musical: Life as it links to Sky 😉 ]

      • I have no doubt that many hours are involved, which also means the variations that you went through. After all, that’s what artists do.

        Thanks for the info about the Sky-Life links. It seems I mistakenly assigned the Sky Song List to the wrong category.

  10. Sensuously blended combinations of colours, Marina, to bring out the spirit of February, which, incidentally, is also my birth month. Artistically transferred to your products as well. Keep sparkling…

  11. Ah Marina this is fantastic! Wonderful compliment colors and awesome design w/the number 2 = the symbol of LOVE, as in love this! Happy February to you my friend.

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