garnet one

First month of the year: January and my journey through/to numbers continues. A journey that -rather unorthodoxly*- began in September 2015!

*Back in September 2015, inspired by Bumba’s “The Numbers Game Is Here: Mathematics for DummiesThe Whole Nine YardsI started working on images for each month. First month was September, so this series will be completed in August 2016!

• This month’s color is red, purple-red, pink.

• Flower associated with January: Carnation [Dianthus caryophyllus] and various color carnations bare various meanings.

I am using the red one, signifying love.

• This month’s words: Affection, Deep Love, Distinction, Fascination, Lasting Fidelity and Happiness.

• The zodiac signs for the month of January are Capricorn and Aquarius

• January’s Birthstone: Garnet

[hence the title: “Garnet One”]
Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology [and where January is named after], is depicted with two faces. One looking at the past and the other, at the future. This is a convenient way for me to explain a ‘one step forward – two steps back’ state I’m in! Better late than never though, here is:

Garnet One

garnet one©Marina KanavakiL

Garnet One © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: mixed media [Indian ink and oil on colored tissue paper, digitally edited]

from the series “journey of numbers” © 2016



simpleFrameEngine-9  Garnet-One_art


garnet-one-framed-prints garnet-one-canvas

[museum quality printing and framing]


Turquoise Twelve is also designed on various products!

here’s a glimpse:

garnet-one-all-over-print-shirts garnet-one-leggings garnet-one-wall-clocks-1

garnet-one-shower-curtains garnet-one-mugs garnet-one-long-sleeve-tshirts



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and one for old times:

David Bowie: Scary Monsters [And Super Creeps]

Music has lost a ★

My best wishes for January – month of beginnings.

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  1. Beautiful and really very surreal too. Almost reminiscent of the sixties artist who illustrated the Beatles books. I’ve forgotten his name alas…

  2. I’m so late getting here… I’ve only just made it… my soul was drying up, shriveling inside me, dying for lack of something essential, something precious, something beautiful… namely… the exquisite genius of… Marina Kanavaki… 🌷🌸🌺🌻🌼💐🚀🌖👽

    Yes, it was a close call!!

    But now I revive!! Now I live again!! Now my soul bursts into song!! A little off-key, perhaps, but extreme rapture will do that to a soul thirsting for beauty!! Sing on, I say, oh tra-la-la!! 🎤🎵🎶🎼🎸🎷🎹🏆👽

    Garnet One has just shot to #1 on my Artistic Hit Parade, My Dear Marina!! Yes, I’m getting red in the face, quite garnet-y, and I’m sure it can be traced to feelings of Affection, a Deep Love inspired by a painting of Distinction, by someone who inspires endless Fascination! I’m her biggest fan, and she has my Lasting Fidelity because I owe my giddy Happiness to her and her amazing talent…

    It’s remarkable how all my feelings seem to be associated with the color red. How odd! Is it my colorful personality?? Well, it could be a factor… 😐

    You have achieved something quite lovely with your Janus motif, dear Marina– one of your most striking compositions! Do forgive my inexcusably long absence, and thank you for the dance:

    One step forward, two steps back! One step forward, two steps back! One step forward, two steps back! Hey, I seem to be getting further away… I keep losing a step… gosh, I think I’m taking my leave!! Oh, no! I feel my soul starting to dry up again… I must… return………. SOOOOOOOOON… 😊🍨👽❤️

    • Two steps forward, one step back – two steps forward, one step back – two steps forward, one step back… now repeat!!!!! Alas, my ‘garnet one’ is now joyous! Two steps forward, one step back – two steps forward, one step back…
      As you know, you have received a permanent spot at Mt.Olympus with a lifetime supply of ambrosia – so: two steps forward and then …keep moving forward!!!! 😉
      Thank you, my kind friend! 🙂

  3. Energetic, dynamic and fiery come to mind when viewing your passionate design for the month of February. 🎨
    Super informative writing with sprinkles of songs for us to listen to …Thank you!! I’m enjoying your series very much my dear, Marina. 🎼
    Sincerity popped out at me when I read this. A strong word filled with vigor.
    To be sincere is to be without pretense, deceit or hypocrisy; to be one with sincere thoughts. How wonderful it would be if everyone could have sincerity.
    Did I mention that I LOVE … LOVE … LOVE the color purple??? It’s a regal and royal color.
    Strong and Confident …. !!! 🏋
    May your Valentine’s Day fill your heart with more LOVE than your heart can hold. Happy Valentine’s Day …. !!!! 😍❤️😍❤️😍
    Isadora 😎

    • HAPPY VALENTINE’S to you too, my dear Isadora! 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ I do remember your love for purple!
      Your words were the nicest Valentine’s gift, my dear.
      Here’s to sincerity!
      I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s! xxxxxxxxxx 🙂

      • Forget it, no more hugging for either of you…I refuse to be used !!!!
        I’m fine mate thanks, just doing my best. I never seem to get the time to blog anymore, or write more books like I promised myself I would. I spend all my time writing website content, articles and press releases for others. The money’s good but am I ever going to be truly satisfied? “…but is it art?” As they say.

  4. I love the image and the colors and the meanings…it reminded me of a poem i wrote years ago Marina. Thanks for always sharing such inspiring creations! No one does it like you do…you are one of a kind my dear sister! God bless!

    • Ah, my dearest Wendell you say such nice things and I can only feel overwhelmingly flattered! Thank you from my heart. The poem [] is so very beautiful… 🙂

  5. Marina, you art and passionate has inspired me. One of these days, I want to collaborate with you on a poem meets your painting. If that’s okay with you? I would write the poem and you can interpret my poem with your own vision of painting. I’d love & be curious how both our talents and gifts would collide?
    Love this painting of yours so much. 🙂 And thank you for visiting my latest poem. I wanted to make people laugh. It’s pure dark humor and yeah. 🙂

  6. So awesome to see your beautiful work again Marina! Wow on your design and deep richness to the colors – love the delicate nature of the flower, a little juxtaposition from the hard lines of the rest. This is wonderful and looks great on your product lines. Happy weekend to you my friend ~

  7. Fascinating design sprinkled with bold, bright intense color. Artwork that speaks of powerful and strong emotions. A statement of the #1 mixed with the exotic red rose for a lusty intoxicating spirit.
    PHEW …. Marina, this speaks volumes. You are walking forward more than back.
    Love it !!!!
    Isadora 😍

    • Isadora, my dearest friend, your words speak volumes!!! Thank you so much – especially for that ‘walking forward more than back’! 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!!! xxxxxxx 🙂 [lots of smiles!]

  8. I really like this one, muy mucho! I adore garnets.You go! It looks especially great on the cup!
    Big {{hugs}}xx
    My niece loves her Poppies Travel Cup a lot!! & she really needed one her boyfriend won’t steal. This could be the one! lol

    • Muchas muchas gracias, señorita! 🙂
      Huge huge hugs to you, my sweet friend and I’m so happy your niece enjoyed her Poppies cup!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! 🙂 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

  9. The salute to January is extra outstanding! The purple & black make a great combination with the two reds. … and then the whitish circle does a great job of drawing one in. Looking forward to February (my month) … and make sure you see my Hear Ye page.

  10. What a beautiful creation for January.. and what a wonderful idea of creating this theme throughout the months..My Own Deep Affection and Love are transported across the airwaves dear Marina

    This post was Distinctive and held fascination for me and I wish you nothing but Happiness as you gather together all of your skills to face forward in 2016.. I Know I am looking forward to more of your wonderful creations ..

    Love and Blessings to you my dear friend..
    Sue ❤

  11. Dearest, it is a nice combination of pink and red, quite unusual, very sophisticated… It somehow “warms you up” since here (finally) the cold weather arrived with the zero degrees celcius… Nature need it so desperately, after more than two months without rain. Take good care, with hugs and kisses :-)claudine

    • Oh, I’m glad it provided some warmth for you, my kind friend! We still have relatively warm weather but we expect heavy rains, snow and a big temperature drop from the weekend. You too take good care! love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

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