for 2016…

To everyone
I wish




with kindness & health

and a thought for all those who are no longer with us

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  1. Doing the rounds on people who’s blogs I love, as I update my own and I can’t believe I missed all this. Well, see why in my newest post – but I love your design work too. Just saw a painting on here (more design) I am in love with!!!

    • Ah, so nice hearing from you, Tanyeno!
      I’m very sorry about your mom. Readjusting takes time, but you know she will always be with you. Sending you my thoughts.
      [sorry for the late response – I’ve been offline during our Easter]

  2. Goodness… a New Year’s wish like this could only have come from a soul filled with Goodness…

    Joy… such beauty could ne’er but fill those who gaze upon it with rapturous wonder, and transport them to the highest realms of Joy…

    Love… such work and sentiments could only originate in the kindest of hearts, a heart brimming with Love…

    In other words, dear Marina, your creations do but mirror your beautiful self…

    Um… I could go on, but I don’t want to get too flowery… 😊

    • I was going to tell you that I’m glad you didn’t go on, but it was already too late – I was flying far far far away to distant planets. You know the ones I’m talking about. The planets of joy!
      Too late now! 😔😳😊 🙄 🙂 🙂
      Thank you, my dear friend. I feel like I’ve just dived into a pool of chocolate overindulging myself!!!! 😉

    • ok?!!! I am ever so grateful for this gesture, my dear! Thank you so much for sharing my work and all your kind words.
      [you are so right about Chakras!]
      Blessings to you too and love 🙂 xx

  3. My dearest Marina I send you warmest New Year wishes from across the globe and wish you a happy, healthy and creative 2016. In heartfelt friendship…Andrew

    • Much love to you too, my dear Christy and you keep inspiring us with your talent! 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful 2016 – exactly as would would like it to be! 🙂 xxxx

  4. Here we are, this year, remember the year that has passed, leaving behind the pain, the tears, the defeats and the horrors, but bringing, also, the small achievements, love and affection that surrounded us. – Who wants to forget the little copse that went well? I think nobody. Those who want to forget the bad immediately? The bad things that have marked our lives? All. I, today, I want to remember your “discreet” sweetness and silent presence. A presence that makes us understand that women are. That person you’re in the heart and in the world. Discreet and sensitive I saw you walking along the paths of the world, with a smile and heart in hand.
    All of this is hard to find.
    Hard among the people you love and hard between those you are away.
    All this, I found it in you, my sweet friend.

    I will not forget.
    You know very well speak in Italian, while I entrust to an automatic translator. And it is this gesture that makes me realize, in all this, however great may be the feelings of a person.

    You are that person.
    A kiss and a hug, sweet Marina, for a New Year beautiful, serene and perfect.

    By writing to you from far away, where, in spite of everything, I think of you always.

    Fm North Korea


    Εδώ είμαστε, αυτό το έτος, θυμηθείτε το χρόνο που έχει περάσει, αφήνοντας πίσω τον πόνο, τα δάκρυα, τις ήττες και τις φρικαλεότητες, αλλά φέρνει, επίσης, το μικρό επιτεύγματα, αγάπη και στοργή που μας περιέβαλε. – Ποιος θέλει να ξεχάσει το μικρό δασάκι που πήγε καλά; Νομίζω ότι κανείς. Όσοι θέλουν να ξεχάσουν το κακό αμέσως; Τα κακά πράγματα που σημάδεψαν τη ζωή μας; Όλα. Έχω, σήμερα, θέλω να θυμάστε σας “διακριτική” γλυκύτητα και σιωπηλή παρουσία. Μια παρουσία που μας κάνει να καταλάβουμε ότι οι γυναίκες είναι. Το πρόσωπο αυτό είστε στην καρδιά και στον κόσμο. Διακριτική και ευαίσθητη είδα να περπατάς στα μονοπάτια του κόσμου, με ένα χαμόγελο και την καρδιά στο χέρι.
    Όλα αυτά είναι δύσκολο να βρεθεί.
    Σκληρό ανάμεσα στους ανθρώπους που αγαπάτε και σκληρά μεταξύ εκείνων που είστε μακριά.
    Όλα αυτά, το βρήκα σε σένα, γλυκιά μου φίλη.

    Δεν θα ξεχάσω.
    Γνωρίζετε πολύ καλά μιλά στα ιταλικά, ενώ εγώ να αναθέσει σε έναν αυτόματο μεταφραστή. Και είναι αυτή η χειρονομία που με κάνει να συνειδητοποιήσουμε, σε όλα αυτά, όσο μεγάλες και αν είναι τα συναισθήματα ενός ατόμου.

    Είστε το πρόσωπο.
    Ένα φιλί και μια αγκαλιά, γλυκό Μαρίνα, για το Νέο Έτος όμορφη, γαλήνια και τέλεια.

    Με το να γράφεις για να σας από μακριά, όπου, παρ ‘όλα αυτά, σκέφτομαι πάντα.


      • My dearest Ninni, your words speak kindness and compassion and it is with great gratitude I read them. I also use that mechanical translator which even though kills languages, is unable to kill the emotions! You have my heart’s gratitude and smile.
        By nature I do not speak much but I always reply to kindness – I just hope my clumsy words convey my emotions.
        Wishing you a beautiful, serene joyful and kind year – in good health.
        Always take care of yourself!

  5. Happy New Year Marina! May it bring you love, appreciation, creative ideas, joy and good health!

  6. A beautiful message for the New Year dear Marina and yes our thoughts go out to those who have left us on their journey onward.
    I thank you dear Marina for being a good friend and bringing so much beauty and colour in our lives.
    A very happy New Year to you 💐💐

  7. May your New Year be blessed with many moments of happiness, joy, inner peace and smiles! You have always added such serenity and bliss into our lives…i pray that we will make your heart and soul smile as many times as you have helped us to do . You are priceless my sister…God bless!

    • My dearest Wendell, your kindness knows no bounds… Your words always make my heart and soul smile. Thank you from my heart. May your 2016 be blessed with joy, serenity and love. 🙂

  8. Just a brief note to thank you very much for your kind likes and comments for my blog posts. Our best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year 2016. Jo/

  9. Another circle around the sun and another chapter begins in which I wish you peace, love, laughter and limitless creativity. Shine on Marina!

  10. Aww, thank you, Marina & a BIG BATH of LOVE & HAPPINESS to you! As you are a very special person, I believe this will be an amazing year for you! xoxo

  11. Thanks Marina, for your loving shower of goodness and joy. Same is most heartily reciprocated. May the colours blend in more novel and vibrant patterns in your 2016 palette…xx.

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