[reblog] On A Frank Farewell

Resa, the gorgeous girl on the header, created this absolutely beautiful and moving farewell for our friend Frank who decided to go off grid [for a while, we hope!].
Please visit here: [On A Frank Farewell] to read the full post!
And yes, Resa, we were all [Dale, Holly & me] in cahoots with you, but this beauty was ALL YOU and thank you so much for doing this! I know Frank will love this!

On A Frank Farewell

Much to my consternation, my dear blog pal, A Frank Angle, is retiring from the blog world. Good-byes are difficult, so instead, I have decided to induct him into:

Opening this tribute, direct from Holly’s House Of Heart, is Rene Rosso doing her rendition, of renditions, of a song by:

…one of Frank’s fave bands;

Here is one of the many renditions.

Frank has written some very popular posts over his 11 years. One of his most interesting regular articles was “Opinions In The Shorts” aka OITS.

Read the full post here…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog marina. It’s Frank’s days, and he deserves all the thoughts we can muster!

  2. Ah! Resa’s lovely post takes me back to my days as a male model. Three-piece togas were my specialty, topped with a rakish fedora trimmed with laurel leaves. Such oohs and ahhs as I walked down the runway– that’s because I always brought along my own pre-recorded soundtrack. A very happy retirement to Frank, who has always been a model blogger!! 👍😊

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