The Moon & Venus 6º

A 4 day Moon and Venus,


…a little further apart than January 28

Taken with my phone camera…

Look up! 😉

Weekend is round the corner!

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  1. Beautiful, Marina! Listening to Hubert Parry while I visit you.
    I’m a prisoner today, waiting for calls. It’s oddly stressful.
    These are great pics. I rarely see stars or planets in Toronto. Sometimes we get a good moon!

  2. Argh so that is what it is… I saw the exact same image from my window the other evening and that star to the right of the crescent moon was so bright.. Love the images…
    Have a wonderful weekend dear Marina… Enjoy ❤ and much love ❤

  3. Good heavens, Marina! Were you looking out of my bedroom window last night? Those could have been my views through the tree branches 🙂

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