Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Fantasia in D minor K.397, performed by Cyprien Katsaris [reblog]

from Oannes blog…

…for a Friday morning

[…or any other 😉 ]
🎧 click on the image to see original post and listen…

Υποδειγματική ερμηνεία από τον Κυπριανό Κατσαρή της Φαντασίας σε Ρε Ελάσσονα του Mozart….

An exemplary performance by Cyprien Katsaris of Mozart‘s, Fantasia in D minor

More about these reblogs

Lately I have been rebloging music videos from Oannes new blog. For my friends who didn’t know, or wonder why…. Oannes [aka Socratis Papahatzis] is my husband, partner in life and music and the one with my undying admiration. Together we have a band MK-O [the music of Marina Kanavaki & Oannes]. So, it’s my pleasure to share with you his [and mine] musical selections. Although here I reblog mainly his musical selections, he writes exceptional articles on various topics [some may need translation], so do visit his site. He has my highest recommendation!

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  1. Ooh I remember learning to play this as a young man. I still do very occasionally. Lovely piece and very satisfying to play and listen to!

    • Ah, yes it is! I remember asking my piano teacher to play it (she never realized that it was my lazy way of learning the piece… by ear! Bless her) and then joyfully playing it myself! Very satisfying indeed! 👍🙂

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