Clouds rising

Before we got a chance to enjoy the sunshine
clouds and rain took over the sky.
It was dark
but when I looked closer
I noticed something strange
the clouds were rising from the ground!
Then, Gandalf summoned them all
and look what happened:
So this was my view
a couple of days ago
minutes after sunrise


Nigel Kennedy Quintet
from A Very Nice Album [2008]

Between The Clouds

Ralph Towner
from Ana [1997]

Enjoy the weekend


Be Safe, Everyone! 🏡

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  1. Good old Gandalf! He is very magic. Just listening to between the clouds, the it’s back to Sarah Vaughn! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo – H – xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • I suppose for being at the right place I have the state to thank for having us all homebound! 😉 They really were surreal those clouds…
      Have a great [and safe] week ahead!
      Yamas! 🙂

  2. Very interesting! Normally when temperature difference between air and surface causes fog, it moves as a dense blanket. I get plenty of that in Spring, being right next to a Great Lake. The difference also causes much wind. Your clouds are so unique…those puffs looking identical to clouds higher in the sky. Then they merge. What a special moment for you. Thanks for sharing, my dear Marina!

    • You must be witnessing some amazing images from that lake! How fortunate! It was special and odd as I’ve seen low clouds or fog ‘sitting’ on top of city’s buildings but never vertical clouds moving upwards. Had a feeling of buildings breathing! 😉 Thank YOU, my dear Mary Jo! xoxo

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