Gentle Giant : Schooldays [Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia] [reblog]

from Oannes Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia #3

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Ένα μικρό έπος από το concept album των Gentle Giant ‘Three Friends’ του 1972. Θέμα του οι παράλληλες πορείες τριών ανθρώπων, φίλων στο σχολείο, που “η μοίρα, το ταλέντο και οι ευκαιρίες” επρόκειτο να χωρίσουν στη συνέχεια…

A little epic from Gentle Giant‘s concept album ‘Three Friends’, 1972.
The album deals with the parallel courses of three people, friends at school, whose “fate and skill and chances” were to tear them apart.


The bell rings
And all things
Are calling
The days past
The play’s cast
When we were
Schooldays the happy days when we were going nowhere
Schooldays the happy time when we were feeling no care
Schooldays when three said that we’d better be friends forever
How long is ever isn’t it strange
Schooldays together why do they change

Did kites fly
And I spy
And you cry
To run fast
Or come last
You know how
We made vows
They’re gone now
We made friends
We broke friends
No more friends

Remember when we
Went to the sea
Was it real or did we dream. The days of children gone
Seagull’s scream and pink ice cream and the deep blue sky
And the waves seem high and golden sand and the town
Brass band play on
Wait for me
Wait for us always
Wait for me
Wait for us to come
Homework’s dull. It’s worth the pain to go out when I want
Mister Watson wants to see you in the master’s room. It’s
About the work you should have done and I think you
Must go now

and this, inspired by the song, from me:



Stay Safe!

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