Devo : Secret Agent Man [Duty Now for the Future, 1979] [reblog]

from Oannes

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Η ιδιοφυώς ριζοσπαστική διασκευή του τηλεοπτικού τραγουδιού των ’60 από τους Devo, αφορά στην ουσία ένα νέο τραγούδι με αφορμή το παλιό.
Για του λόγου το αληθές, στο δεύτερο βίντεο, το original του Johnny Rivers

The brilliantly radical adaptation of the ‘60s TV song by Devo is essentially a brand new song on the occasion of the old one.
As a proof, there ‘s the Johnny Rivers‘ original on the second video…

❝ You know I live a life of danger
For the FBI
Keeping tabs on our nation
On the land, on the sea, in the sky
But every single night
Before I go to bed
I get down on my knees
And thank God
I’m a secret agent man
Secret agent man
Secret agent man
They’ve given me a number
But they’ve taken ‘way my name
I got one hell of a job to perform
For the U. S. of A.
Got the responsibility
Of our nation’s top security
But every night and day
I salute the flag and say
Thank you, Jesus
‘Cause I’m, I’m a secret agent man
Secret agent man
You know they got me doin’ this
Doin’ that
And a little bit of something else
Fighting cavities of evil
Safe-guarding America’s health
But not an afternoon pass
I don’t get up off my ass
Thank you God
‘Cause I’m, I’m a secret agent man
Secret agent man
Secret agent man
‘Cause I’m a secret agent man



Stay Safe!

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts, however I’d highly recommend a direct dialogue with the …’source’ so please visit Oannes’ page where you can also listen to the song ! 😉

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