The Chieftains with Bonnie Raitt : A Stór Mo Chroí [Tears of Stone, 1999] [reblog]

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Συνάντηση κορυφαίων, του blues και της folk : Η Bonnie Raitt ήταν μια από τις συμμετοχές στον δίσκο με τον οποίο οι Chieftains αποχαιρέτισαν την προηγούμενη χιλιετία.
Τους ακούμε σε μια παραδοσιακή ιρλανδέζικη μελωδία, επενδυμένη με στίχους από Brian O’ ‘Higgins στις αρχές του 20 αι.
– θέμα τους η μετανάστευση.

A summit of blues and folk : Bonnie Raitt was one of the guests on the album with which the Chieftains said goodbye to the last millennium.
We hear them on a traditional Irish melody, with lyrics that Brian O’ Higgins put in the early 20th century – immigration is the subject of the song.

❝ A Stór Mo Chroí, when you’re far away
From the home that you’ll soon be leaving,
Sure it’s many a time by night and by day
That your heart will be sorely grieving.
For the stranger’s land may be bright and fair,
And rich in all treasures golden.
You’ll pine, I know, for the long, long ago
And the heart that is never olden.

A Stór Mo Chroí
, in the stranger’s land
There’s plenty of wealth and wailing.
Though gems adorn the rich and grand
There are faces with hunger paling.
The road may be weary, and hard to tread
And the lights of the city blind you.
Oh turn, A Stór, to old Erin’s shore
And the ones you have left behind you.

A Stór Mo Chroí, when the evening’s mist
O’er mountain and meadow is falling,
Oh turn, A Stór, from the throng and list
And maybe you’ll hear me calling.
For the sound of a voice that you seldom hear
For somebody’s speedy return.
Aroon, aroon, Won’t you come back soon
To the one who really loves you.



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  1. The Chieftains are cool. We saw them in concert a couple of times in Spain. I think Carlos Núñez was on the ticket both times.

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