Frederick Delius [1862 – 1934]

On this day,

January 29, 1862

English composer

Frederick Delius

was born

in Bradford in Yorkshire, UK.

Delius was one of the most distinctive figures in the revival of English music at the end of the 19th century.

We listen to

Over the Hills and Far Away

Sir Thomas Beecham
conducts the
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

and one more link, just in case:

From my favorite Hill which I haven’t visited for a long long time…


Stay Safe!

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  1. That was a lovely listen, Marina!
    He’s quite the fancy boy. And he lived a long life, for the times.

    Was catching up on Tim’s blog while listening!

  2. Over the Hills and Far Away is wonderful. Of course, I think of Led Zeppelin’s song released 76 years after Delius wrote his. I must say I really like the photos from your favorite hill. It looks like you can go over the hills and get far away.

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