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    • I’m glad you like them! When I was designing the blog, I thought that full color featured images made it look quite ‘busy’, so I made them gray. It also turned out a nice way to play with details in b/w!

  1. How time goes by. I got the missile post up. I hope your dad likes it. I’m probably being presumptuous not really knowing that much about what inspires your dad to draw his wonderful sketches.

    • Not at all presumptuous! As you already know, we both loved it! Speaking on his behalf, I know he gets his inspiration by everything he senses around him. Sometimes we don’t need full knowledge of facts to ‘know’ what’s happening. That said, the time he drew these, he was working in a newspaper. 😉

  2. I’m sure I was following this blog!!!! I get emails!
    Yet, I had to follow again.
    So much talent at Anmar!
    Have a fab week, dahling!
    OH, was listening to MK-O while viewing this post!

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