Captain Beefheart : Moonlight On Vermont [Trout Mask Replica, 1969] [reblog]

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Συγκλονιστικός Captain Beefheart στο κορυφαίο τραγούδι από το Trout Mask Replica, το κορυφαίο του άλμπουμ.

An overwhelming Captain Beefheart, on the best song from Trout Mask Replica, his best album.


Moonlight on Vermont affected everybody
Even Mrs. Wooten well as Little Nitty
Even lifebuoy floatin’
With his lil’ pistol showin’
‘n his lil’ pistol totin’
Well that goes t’ show you what uh moon can do
No more bridge from Tuesday t’ Friday
Everybody’s gone high society
Hope lost his head ‘n got off on alligators
Somebodies leavin’ peanuts on the curbins
For uh white elephant escaped from the zoo with love
Goes t’ show you what uh moon can do
Moonlight on Vermont
Well it did it for Lifebuoy
And it did it t’ you
And it did it t’ zoo
And it can do it for me
And it can do it for you
Moonlight on Vermont
Gimme dat ole time religion
Gimme dat ole time religion
Don’t gimme no affliction
Dat ole time religion is good enough for me
Uh it’s good enough for you
Well come out t’ show dem
Come out t’ show dem (repeat five times)
Gimme dat ole time religion (repeat)
It’s good enough for me
Without yer new affliction
Don’t need yer new restrictions
Gimme dat ole time religion
It’s good enough for me
Moonlight on Vermont

Enjoy the Full Moon!


Stay Safe!

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