John Singer Sargent “Mrs. Hugh Hammersley”

Mrs. Hugh Hammersley

Oil on canvas • Realism • 205,7 x 115,6cm cm [framed: 232,4 x 133,7 x 12,1 cm] • 1892 • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Wife of a banker and a fashionable London hostess, Mrs. Hammersley is delicately poised on a French sofa. As mentioned at The Met:

“Her willowy form and candid expression suggest Sargent’s ability to characterize and flatter simultaneously. Her gold-trimmed silk-velvet dress and the sumptuous setting announce his mastery of varied textures and patterns.”
Self Portrait of Sargent

John Singer Sargent

American expatriate portrait artist
was born in in Florence, Italy

January 12, 1856

His styles: Realism, Impressionism

Check my tribute to this great artist here: John Singer Sargent


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